Monday, May 26, 2008

G8 environment ministers: halve emissions by 2050

Barren earth drifting like sand

Oooh, so aggressive &ndash thirty two years to half emissions! I know I'm fucking impressed.

Truth is, nothing will be done in the first 25 years or so at least. The countries will procrastinate.

Its better to set specific goals year by year. Countries may not make the targets, but it might create public pressure on legislators and industries to start doing a better job as people see their governments repeatedly missing the targets.

And shocking surprise of all surprises, the US doesn't even buy into the 32 year time frame.
Environment ministers from the G8 rich nations on Monday urged their leaders to set a global target to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a small but vital step in the fight against climate change.

But they stopped short of suggesting specific interim targets ahead of 2050, a key demand of developing countries in tough U.N.-led talks to forge a new treaty on global warming by the end of next year.


The G8 agreed last year in Germany to consider halving global emissions by mid-century, a proposal favoured by Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Japan and Canada but opposed so far by the United States and Russia.

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