Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deaths in Afghan prisoner search

This little blurb was taken from a story about how Iraqi and "combined forces" are trying to hunt down escapees from a Kandahar prison.
"The combined forces used precision air strikes to destroy the compound after insurgents attacked with small-arms fire."

Please stop using the term "precision air strikes". Thank you.

There's absolutely nothing precise about the fucking' air strikes. They're killing far more innocent Iraqis than insurgents. That's like trying to shoot one cat among 50 cats with a goddamn shotgun. The prime target ain't the only one that will be hit.

Hmmmm. Killing cats. Works for me.

Its a fucking joke, folks. I don't care much for cats, but don't want to kill any of them. K?

Well that last isn't entirely true. There's one slutty female cat around here who seems to constantly be in heat and yowls at all hours of the night. I blame the yowling on the tom cats which I am ready to kill.

Another fucking joke. Gawd you guys have to lighten up.

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