Sunday, January 31, 2010

What you see is not always what you get.

Too fucking much is going on right now and I can't ignore it. So I'll explain my situation. I am alive. To those of you who know part or all of this shit, sorry for the regurgitation.

About 2 years ago I fell and broke my leg in 4 places. I have no insurance and have had no physical rehabilitation. As a result I'm confined to bed and can't walk Which my stunning doctor suggested. For quite a while I could support myself on my left leg, but it's atrophied to where its a wet noodle.

A laptop is beyond by means. I can't move to get to my desktop which is currently defunct anyway.

Right now I'm borrowing a laptop from a friend and feel anxious in using it because I don't think my friend is happy to relinquish her machine. She's gracious, but still...

Back to the God damned leg. The same doctor who fucked up by broken wrist (see earlier posts) handled my broken leg. I was in such pain I didn't even recognize him. And he screwed up my leg even worse than said wrist. He chose to implant a stainless steel part which was about one and a half inches too short (14” when it should have been 155.”. Then the asshole glued it to the remaining part of my femur at a forty five degree angle to my existing bone. So my leg points off to the right. I anticipate really exciting times at airports. Perhaps the patdown searches will be exciting.

At this point my sole diversion is TV. At some hours I've seen every fucking thing on all channels (I should be able,when I can stand, to cook like a fucking champ). I really miss blogging and the world is, of course, deprived of my unique perspective on each day's news.

That last is a God damned joke, people.

I've not blogged because it made no sense to blog one day and not be able to for weeks thereafter, but some shit just can't be ignored. Please be patient for subsequent postings. I'll do what I can.

To my visitors who've inquired about where I am and how I am. Thank you so very much for your concern.

To those who've emailed me, sorry if I didn't reply. When I first logged on I had hundreds of emails, mostly spam, and deleted them All.

I may or may not start out slowly in posting, but I do have a backlog, so...

By the way, please ignore the fucking spammers on the site while I was absent. They come out of the woodwork. A pox on them all.

Envision a pox here.


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