Monday, February 08, 2010

Life could imitate sport

In a sense, the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV victory was closer than the 31-17 score would indicate.

For most of the game, Colts quarterback marched the down the field virtually at will. Colts running backs gashed the Saints repeatedly for large games. And until 3:12 left in the fourth quarter, the first overtime game in Super Bowl history seemed a distinct possibility.

But in all the most important ways, the game was a blowout. At virtually every key moment, the Saints outplayed and outcoached the Colts, and for that the Saints own a Super Bowl, a piece of history, and no small amount of joy for New Orleans.

Football is always a game of accumulated moments, but this Super Bowl in particular resolved itself into a collage of three plays and decisions that decided the title.


In Super Bowl XLIV, fortune favored the bold.

My guess is the really big game in Washington D.C. will also go to the bold. Sure hasn't happened yet.
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