Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thanks For Your Fine Work - Now Go Away

Over at Moderate they have an interesting article about a proposal on Illegal immigration offered by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.). Allowing the bill is not all bad, they have major concerns about it.
...Mr. Specter's proposal could create a huge class of permanent guest workers: Neither current illegal residents, nor future holders of the temporary work visa, would in practice be able to acquire green cards or citizenship if this bill became law, no matter how long they remained here. Still worse are the impractical enforcement measures that Mr. Specter has included, presumably to mollify the anti-immigrant wing of his party. These put huge new responsibilities on local and state law enforcement agencies for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants, as well as adding multiple bureaucratic obstacles to the citizenship and visa processes.”
“But if no compromise is reached, it's hard to see how this bill is even worth passing. Surely the worst possible solution is to accept that the United States will host a permanent underclass of foreign workers with no political rights, living in permanent fear of all legal authorities.”

Is this what Americans want? Are we no longer champions of the ideals expressed on the Statue of Liberty? We don't want to provide foreigners the opportunity to become Americans?


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