Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why I Blog

For a long time I was bothered by a nagging feeling something was wrong. Then I realised it was guilt. I don't usually tell how I voted although it is obvious, but I didn't, couldn't vote for Bush. Bush 41 was palatable, but not the son.

The guilt was caused by my feeling I wasn't doing anything. So now I blog. It isn't much, but provides two things. First is reasoned criticism of the administration. This comes from me or the fine blog sites and information sources I reference. And believe me when I tell you there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable people blogging and commenting on blogs.

Second may be more important. My international visitors to my site can see at least one American holds this president and his administration in as much contempt as they do. Bush and his fucking cohorts are not what Americans are about. We don't condone invasions of countries which aren't a threat to us. We certainly don't condone torture. We don't hate Muslims nor the Iraqi people and are sorry to see Bush kill them. We're not pacifists, but we aren't animals who savagely attack innocents.

This began as a comment on Bad Attitudes. Please go there to read Buck Batard's post.


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