Friday, April 07, 2006

Feeling Secure? Well Don't #4

Fraud and corruption running rampant in US immigration system?
The agency that's supposed to protect our borders and keep out terrorists is riddled with fraud and corruption, according to testimony before Congress today.

A House subcommittee heard from Michael J. Maxwell, former director of the office of security and investigations of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. He portrayed a dysfunctional agency crippled by corruption both inside and outside that's trying to handle too many cases with too few employees.

This's just another example of how Bushco fails to place emphasis on agencies that need it the most. But it gets better (as in worse).
"Employees are tempted to grant benefits in order to receive cash, promotions, time off rather than deny the benefit," he said. He accused supervisors of putting pressure on workers to handle 12 to 16 applications an hour, which he called a dangerously high caseload.

In one example, Maxwell said, the agency employed an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen suspected of being a foreign intelligence agent to review asylum applications. [emphasis mine]

That is almost unbelievable info.

I can understand his reluctance, but Maxwell should have come forward as a whistle-blower. Keeping unwanted and/or dangerous aliens out of the country is never going to be 100% successful, but its impossible under the conditions Maxwell describes.


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