Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rummy vs Condi

I'm amazed at how long it took for Rumsfeld to defend himself. How dare Condi suggest Rummy ever made a mistake!?!? Jesus, she must be demented.
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said he did not know what Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was talking about when she said last week that the United States had made thousands of "tactical errors" in handling the war in Iraq, a statement she later said was meant figuratively.

Speaking during a radio interview on WDAY in Fargo, N.D., on Tuesday, Rumsfeld said calling changes in military tactics during the war "errors" reflects a lack of understanding of warfare. Rumsfeld defended his war plan for Iraq but added that such plans inevitably do not survive first contact with the enemy.

The probelems which have resulted in civil war and daily deaths of civilians and US troops must be caused by something uncontrollable. They can't possibly be the result of Rummy's ineptitude.

And, my apolgies to the fine folks in North Dakota, but Fargo? Huh? He's going for the heavily populated areas of the US? Maybe he felt at home or less threatened. But Fargo? His next interview will be with Roger Kingsford in Lake Oswego, Oregon. That would be in Roger's mother's basement.


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