Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snow's Cancer Metastisized

One thing I've learned in reading blogs and blogging is where real compassion can be found.
White House press secretary Tony Snow, who has become the face of the Bush presidency over the last year, has cancer again.

Snow's deputy, Dana M. Perino, broke into tears at an off-camera briefing this morning as she announced that the cancer has spread to his liver. Doctors discovered it when they operated on Snow on Monday to remove a small growth that had developed in his lower abdomen.

And this blurb is followed by this.
President Bush, in brief remarks to reporters later in the White House Rose Garden, asked Americans to pray for his ailing spokesman, who he said called him this morning from the hospital to pass on the information that his cancer had returned. [emphasis mine]

I've posted before about a Republican with leukemia and wished him the best. And there are other posts as well.

The point is Dems are compassionate. They don't like to see anyone, regardless of political stripe, to suffer from cancer.

Well, except for this fucking asshole.

And what is this shit where Bush had "brief remarks" about his colleague who will most likely die? The height of his compassion is beyond belief.

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H/T Thoughts of an Average Woman.

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