Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blair accuses Iran after four troops killed

Is the poodle taking orders from Bush directly now? Let's see, the capture of 15 sailors and marines didn't work out too well as provocation. So let's accuse Iran of kinda, sorta causing the deaths of four Brits.
Tony Blair accused “elements” from within the Iranian regime of sponsoring terrorism in Iraq after a bomb attack today killed four British soldiers.

The prime minister issued a sober statement on the steps of Downing Street following the troop deaths which coincided with the arrival back into Britain of 15 naval personnel seized by Iran.

Although he said Britain “rejoiced” at the return of the abducted sailors, he called the troop deaths in a roadside bomb blast in Basra – which is only ten miles from the Iranian border - a “terrorist act” and insisted Iran was guilty of “backing, financing, arming" terrorism in Iraq.

Mr Blair stopped short of accusing Iran of direct involvement in the latest deaths, which bring the number of British troops killed in Iraq to 140. However, Britain has frequently blamed Iranian agents for organising and funding attacks on coalition troops.

Common courtesy would have Blair saying absolutely nothing negative about Iran for a day or two and thanking Mahmoud Ahmedinejad effusively for releasing the 15 soldiers and marines.

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