Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now its startiing to get a little dicey

I'm all for stem cell research and in fact think it tantamount to criminal to deny funding for it and deny access to any sources of stem cells, but...
Patients with currently incurable nervous system diseases will miss out on potentially life-saving new treatments if plans to ban experiments using part-human, part-animal embryos go ahead, according to a committee of MPs.

It seems to me its about time for the bio-ethicists to really decide just where this research should be going. [P]art-human, part-animal embryos is getting a little too Island of Dr. Moreau for me. That may well be my ignorance showing, but I've not read anything about the ramifications of such research other than benefits.

And I have no idea for what period of time such hybrids would be allowed to grow. My assumption is it is for a very short period of time and then the hybrids would be destroyed.

So all you Beauty and the Beast fans just relax. I seriously doubt the Beasts are being created.

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