Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Poll Reveals Global Economy's Impact on Working America; Rising Anger and Anxiety Over Corporate Behavior, Government Inaction

American's are slowly waking up to reality rather than just listening the the cheerleader-in-chief. Read the whole release and find out what 80% agree on.
Economic conditions for workers are deteriorating so dramatically in the new American economy that an overwhelming majority, nearly 70 percent, now say that basic security -- not opportunity -- is their number one concern, according to a new survey released today. The finding is a stunning reflection of the anxiety, anger and demand for action rising in Working America in the global economy.


The survey indicates workers see few opportunities for good jobs while they face the financial insecurity of rising health care costs, the elimination of pensions, the outsourcing of jobs, and wages falling behind living costs. But in addition to the concerns, it also showed that workers are remarkably united in their hopes, ideas, and solutions for the future on the critical issues of the workplace, a consensus that remains intact regardless of age, gender, geography, ethnicity, country of origin, and education.

They still hold out hope for improvement and opportunity, but definitely believe government must take action.

How much more incentive do the Dems need before they start acting like Dems and start helping Americans? They aren't doing all they can to get US out of Iraq, they aren't doing anything to fight global warming and they certainly aren't doing much to curb big business' predatory assault on US jobs and workers. Meanwhile the public is pleading for help.

The Dems have a year and a half to convince the voters they are fixing and can continue to fix these problems. If they do, they'll smash the GOP in '08. If they don't, then why would undecideds go for them? And they certainly won't win over any GOP workers. Why throw out your GOP Congress critter if you don't expect anything better from a Dem?

There's another factor in play here. Even if the Dems don't have enough votes to pass needed legislation, put it out there for the public to see. Let the GOP be the spoilers. The public will quickly realize they'll get what they want once they back the Dem agenda, their agenda, with their votes.

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