Friday, April 06, 2007

Over 70 injured as Paris train hits buffer

This is bizarre and I can't wait to find out the whole story. Apparently* the buffer is at the end of the rails. How in hell does the engineer not stop? He runs the train into a barricade at the end of the fucking tracks?
More than 70 people were injured on Thursday when a train carrying hundreds of rush-hour commuters hit the rail buffer of a Paris station, firefighters said.

The driver was held for questioning by police after the nine-carriage train carrying 600 passengers hit the buffer as it pulled into the Gare de l'Est station, in eastern Paris.

A doctor with the Paris firefighters' service said 71 people were injured, 58 of whom were taken to a dozen hospitals around the capital.

Paris police chief Pierre Mutz went to the Gare de L'Est to oversee an emergency operation in which 115 firefighters and rescue officials were dispatched to the station.

The regional train from Chateau-Thierry, east of Paris, was travelling at slow speed but a commuter told AFP that the impact was still "very strong" and passengers were thrown to the floor.

I'm making light of this incident, but imagine you are standing on that train. Its traveling at say 10mph (16kph) and suddenly you are going 10mph (16kph) and the train ain't. W00t!!!1!!

Damn! I made light of it again. Trust me, I wouldn't be doing so if anyone were seriously injured or killed. All reports I've read indicated injuries were minor.

But it gets worse. The train hit the buffer and is now going backward at say, 4mph (6kph).

Math question: A train arrives in Paris going 10mph (16kph) and hits a buffer. It is now traveling at 4mph (6kph) in the opposite direction.

What is the combined speed at which a passenger will hit an immovable object in the rail car?

Extra credit: At what combined speed will a passenger impact another passenger?

Extra extra credit: Was that other passenger a member of the opposite sex?

Extra extra extra credit: Was it good for you?

Extra extra extra extra credit: What was she/he wearing?

Jesus H Christ made of chocolate, why can't I drop this subject?


*Code word for "as I understand it".

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