Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Japan must be part of 'war on terror': Fukuda

When I read this two things immediately come to mind. Being lazy ass, I couldn't wait around for more thoughts.

Firstly we have a country, Japan, with a pacifist constitution. It isn't much globally, but its something and I sincerely hope they stay pacific.

Secondly I wonder what's really operational here. The US takes in tons upon tons of filthy lucre from armament, munitions, warefare sales. Is Fukuda envious? Does he want Japan to start producing such things? It isn't out of the realm of possibilities.
Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Tuesday told a resurgent opposition that Japan must not be a "bystander" in the US-led "war on terror" as he fought to extend a naval mission in the Indian Ocean.

The opposition won control of one house of parliament in July elections and has vowed to defeat government proposals to extend the naval mission providing fuel and logistical support to US-led forces in Afghanistan.

The opposition has so far ignored a government compromise that would stop refuelling operations backing combat troops, restricting support to ships policing the Indian Ocean.

Terrorists are about as much a threat to most people as muggers or traffic accidents.

Where I live there are AK-47 and M16 toting, C-4 explosive wielding, hand grenade carrying terrorists. Am I afraid or brave?


This is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

Wake up folks. The politicians are trying to turn you into sheep and you're falling for it.

Via Agence France-Parsse.

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