Monday, October 08, 2007

A Look at Federal Government Blogs

One blog only, actually. Who is the idiot who chose this name for a US State Department blog?

And who was the idiot who approved it?
"Dipnote" by the State Department:

But seriously folks, why is the US considered the center of the universe?

You see it almost always on blogs and very often in the media including international media. Mention of federal government, military, state department. In all cases its implied it's the US, but US State Department isn't stated specifically.

Why is the US treated this way?

Japanese investors are already fleeing Los Angeles which they own much of.

Then there's this:
Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities now total $1.75 trillion. This accounts for approximately 41% of debt owed by the public.

Hell, at $885 billion combined, Japan and China could team up and wreak havoc on the US financially as soon as the banks open.

Militarily the US can't defeat its "enemies" in Afghanistan and Iraq. And the Bush administration is seriously considering invading Iran?

This is so 20th century thinking.

Via USNews.

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