Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yesterday's actions were a warning shot, all right -- but it wasn't aimed at Iran

Ya know, there are many great analysts and writers in the world of blogging. Lucky for you, I find many and pass along what I see.
By imposing sanctions on Iran for its fomenting of violence in the Middle East, for its engagement in weapons proliferation, and for its attraction to nuclear technology for use as international muscle, the Bush administration yesterday hit the granddaddy of all hypocritical trifectas.

There was a time when the U.S. had some moral standing to preach and condemn. No longer. The world, quite simply, now sees us as the global bully and bad guy -- and when it's a 100-plus nations against one, there must be some merit to the world's perception. We're the 21st-century version of the Viking pillager, the British imperial lion, the Soviet cancer.

When it comes to fomenting violence, proliferating weapons of mass destruction and caressing, say, bunker bunkers with that little extra kick, the U.S. has no equal.

Nor will it tolerate one, no matter how far down the road any such equality or competition may lie.

Hence the Bush administration was in full dress rehearsal yesterday for yet another Middle East extravaganza of incalculably moronic proportions.

With the Commander Guy safely tucked away in the smoldering West, the seemingly less threatening Condi & Co. were left in charge of re-introducing all the preliminary hogwash of another war in the smoldering Middle East.

Gosh we're a peace-loving people, but our patience is forever tried by these little upstarts with disobedience and pushback in mind. So here we come, with mere rumblings at first, but then the sanctions, the unilateralism, the demand for Congressional resolutions, the drumbeats of propaganda, the nuclear references, the demonization of a singular human face, the preposterous urgencies.

OK, I agree with this post, but that isn't why I single it out. Its logical and extremely well written. Capiece?

Oh yeah, Russia's warning they might start producing short and medium range missiles probably was a warning shot to many Mid-East countries as well as the US.

Via P M Carpenter.

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