Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ontario to create panel on bisphenol A

Have you heard of this? I haven't. Bisphenol A?

I'll admit as I have in the past, I'm antsy about any chemicals, bacteria and such shit I can't see.

Hell, things I can see scare me.
Ontario [Canada] could become the first jurisdiction in Canada to place restrictions on bisphenol A, a controversial chemical that is found in hundreds of consumer products, ranging from plastic baby bottles to sports helmets and the resin linings on the insides of most tin cans. Although Health Canada is currently assessing the safety of bisphenol A, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday the province won't wait until Ottawa rules on the chemical's safety. He said Ontario plans to appoint an expert medical and scientific panel to advise it on potentially dangerous substances in widespread use, and a priority for this group will be to provide recommendations on how best to deal with bisphenol A.

Via The Signs.



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