Friday, November 16, 2007

Woman seen scattering ashes at Disneyland

You have no clue where this story is going. Believe me.

Uh, that's like HUMAN ASHES.

Just shoot me now. This world is getting too strange for my pea brain to handle.
Everyone who rides Disneyland's popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction knows "dead men tell no tales," and its animatronic figures aren't talking either. But, oh, if they could.

On Friday, workers at the Anaheim theme park spotted a guest on the ride sprinkling an unidentified substance into the water, prompting them to close the attraction and alert police.

Have you ever considered scattering your ashes? If so, at which amusement or theme park?

Well at least it wasn't "Its a Small World". I would have to come back and haunt her ass. I hate that song more than "Singing in the goddam Rain".

Via LA Times.



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