Thursday, December 20, 2007

War on Christmas™

I didn't need help in this War on Christmas™ and certainly didn't expect it from the Archbishop of Canterbury, but there ya go.
The Anglican church's most senior clergyman is questioning some long-held Christmas beliefs.

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams is dismissing the story of the three wise men as 'legend' saying they probably never existed.

He said that the Gospel according to Matthew makes no mention of the Kings or where they came from and also that there was no evidence of animals in Jesus' stable, or of a rising star.

Wow! He shot down the three wise guys, the animals (not the band) in the manger and the star all in one fell swoop. The guy's on a roll.

Hey, maybe the three wise guys weren't legend. Maybe they actually were painted gourds.

This should send many of the fundies into a tizzy. Muhahaha.


Via Breaking News.



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