Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Is Progress?

This is a very depressing article about climate change by a man who does the research and other heavy lifting for the rest of us. Don't believe its depressing?

Take a look at the numbers. They are clear and precise as is possible with the somewhat dated information available with which to work.
A paper in Geophysical Research Letters finds that even with a 90% global cut by 2050, the 2° threshold “is eventually broken”(13). To stabilise temperatures at 1.5° above the pre-industrial level requires a global cut of 100%. The diplomats who started talks in Bali yesterday should be discussing the complete decarbonisation of the global economy.

Yes, he said the the complete decarbonisation of the global economy.

The article does end with a couple uncommon paragraphs, for George, sort of a Rah! Rah! shake those pompoms, go team go, we can do this, sort of thing. But until you reach those paragraphs its not encouraging at all.

Via Monbiot.



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