Friday, January 25, 2008

Ford to Offer Buyouts to 54,000 Workers

Good news - bad news - more bad news.

The good news is the buyouts. The bad news is the buyouts. The other bad news is the shirts have not been available since 2004.

At least the poor fuckers being replaced are getting something.
Ford Motor Co. said Thursday it will offer buyout and early retirement packages to all 54,000 U.S. hourly workers in an effort to cut more jobs and replace workers with those making a lower wage.

Chief Executive Alan Mulally said the new round of buyouts was negotiated with the United Auto Workers union.

Just a couple, three things here.

This is no way to build a manufacturing base and Mulally sure as hell should know it. Green workers haven't the skills and experience of the seasoned employees. They'll gain them, but it will be a fucking struggle without the training of the workers they're replacing.

No way would I buy a Ford for the next five years or so.

And what a surprise! Another union fucked its people. The GOP is right. Just get rid of the unions. They're in the companies' hip pockets. They aren't there for the workers anymore. This is from experience.

There are ways to streamline without cutting off your dick.

Via Star Exponent.



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