Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Global food security plummets

Two subjects I've visited in the past. Dwindling food and water supplies. Emphasis mine.
WORLD food security has slumped to its lowest since records began in 1960, with a marked decline in grain stocks.

Julian Cribb, from Sydney's University of Technology, said the oil and credit crises rattling world economies were nothing compared to the threat from emerging global food shortages.

Food prices have risen steeply over the past two years and farmers last week warned the cost of basic items such as bread, milk and meat would jump again this year, mainly due to soaring commodity prices. "Year on year, humanity now eats more than it produces," he said.


"Cities are now taking much of the water that was used to grow food, while ground water levels are falling in every country where it is used for food," he said.

And just wait until all the affects of biofuels kick in when grains being grown will be diverted to biofuels and won't be available as food.

There is hope, however, food is one thing, but just wait until brew masters can't get enough grains and water to brew beer. Then there will be a resounding outcry.

BTW, yes workers do tramp around in their dirty shoes on the grain that will eventually end up in your loaf of bread. Muahahaha.

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