Friday, May 30, 2008

Video cam

Bad picture because it's
smaller than it looks.
Just look at the hand.

Hey, if you're in the market for a small, simple video/still cam may I suggest: The Mustek DV3000 or later incarnations.

This fucking thing is great. Automatic color balance, focus. Only 3.1 mega pixels, but seems like much more than that. The resolution is fantastic. No light, but it doesn't need one. It adjusts to lighting conditions.

It plugs into your TV, JPEG or AVI recording formats, 2X zoom, SD or MMC memory cards.

If literally fits into a shirt or pant pocket and seems to run forever on a couple AA batteries. It takes video or snapshots, has a tripod socket, a very small (1.5" 38mm), but adequate screen, records sound. In other words it has all the features of a large video cam and is only 3.3 X 2.5 X 1.5 inches (83 X 63 X 38 mm)! I told you its small.

It's available at Amazon for as little as $45.

No, I have no connection to Mustek, but they should hire me because I'm a fucking champion for their camera.

Through the years I've bought many cameras, both digital and 35mm, and many electronic gadgets. Which is most likely why I have no money now. But nothing has impressed me as much as this fucking little cam.

If you want a Sony, Canon, Panasonic or other larger cam, fine. Take your goddamn ugly videos and cause your friends stomach pains. Take video with this cam which is the equivalent of a point and shoot snapshot cam and no one expects CC DeMille quality. But they will be impressed.

While I have you here, let me tout one more thing. Its If you have anything electronic, including the Mustek DV3000 and have lost the instruction/owner's manual, visit retrevo. They have thousands of user manuals available for download.

Should you buy a Mustek DV3000, please email me and tell me what you think.

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