Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Four US ships to leave Myanmar coast after snub

Update below.

Here we go with the next fucking round in Myanmar.
Four US Navy ships which had been stationed off cyclone-hit Myanmar with relief supplies and aircraft will return to normal duties after the junta rejected their help, US officials said Wednesday.


Myanmar denies delays to cyclone aid, as relief effort lags
Myanmar denied Tuesday any delays to cyclone aid, but the United Nations said the operation to help 2.4 million survivors is still moving too slowly one month after the deadly storm.

Both of these headlines and subsequent stories can't be true. Can they? Just asking.

I don't know what four ships they are or what their configurations, but I bet they have helicopters which could bring aid where its needed most &ndash to areas which are still inaccessible.

Update: I now know a little more.
After more than two weeks of waiting for a green light that never came, four U.S. warships laden with supplies and 22 helicopters set sail on Thursday for Thailand from internatioanl waters near the delta. [emphasis mine]

So my guess was right about the choppers.

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