Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Soldiers Admit Using "Drop Weapons" To Cover Up Killing Innocent Iraqi Civilians

This is sad. Not because they do it which has certain moral implications I'm allowed to contemplate because I'm not there, but because they feel they must. They don't intend for these incidents to happen I'm sure, but know the consequences of being exposed.

In the heat of battle...
Several soldiers who have returned from combat zones talk with the American News Project about what they say is the widespread practice of using "drop weapons" to cover up the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. We feature five veterans and current members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, plus retired Lieutenant Colonel Gary Solis, a Vietnam War veteran and legal scholar who taught "Law of War" at West Point.

Didn't someone once say, "War is hell"? I thought so.

Criticism is oh so easy, but I've read accounts from troops in the Mid-East and it's never black or white. Its more on the order of kill or be killed and they make split second decisions that can mean living or dying.

This link includes video. Too much for my sick PC.

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