Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ACLU Filed Brief With SCOTUS On Behalf Of Carter Center And Other Organizations Supporting Challenge To Vague "Material Support" Law

The devil is always in the details. This is a fine example of why attorneys and not we simple folk should be writing law. We may use words which seem to mean what we all agree they do, but in reality are far too broad and encompass things we didn't anticipate.

A bad law is a bad law and this one qualifies.

This is also an excellent example of why we all need the ACLU.

"Our work to end violence sometimes requires interacting directly with groups that have engaged in it. Unfortunately, efforts like ours, and those of the many other human rights groups who signed onto this brief, are hindered by the extremely vague 'material support' law that leaves us guessing whether our work to encourage peace could actually be considered illegal. Sadly, the law being challenged in court – which is aimed at putting an end to terrorism – actually threatens the work of humanitarian groups that share the same goal. We hope the Supreme Court will overturn this law so that groups like ours can continue the important work of advancing peace and freedom without concern of prosecution."

Even in war, medics 'help' injured enemy. That's 'material support'. Do we hang 'em?

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