Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Investigation Reveals Prius Brake Problems May Precede 2010 Model-Year

2010 Toyota Corolla

This may turn out to be much larger than currently exposed.

Something I'm curious about is what about cars which have been sold second hand. Are those people aware they may be driving faulty autos?

Toyota officials face a grueling day of testimony before Congress about the company's ongoing recalls and quality problems. Meanwhile, the automaker is preparing a third action, this one to address a serious brake problem with its 2010 Prius hybrid. But if Toyota focuses solely on the current model-year, will it be addressing only part of the problem with the world's most popular hybrid? An investigative report by finds evidence to indicate problems with the Prius brakes may not be limited to the 2010 model-year. Owners such as Jeff Zuhlke of Wisconsin, Susan Yonish of North Carolina, and others report numerous occasions when their own Prius hybrids experienced issues similar to unintended brake release. As with the now documented problems with the 2010 Prius, these and others owners have filed a significant number of complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that appear to identify problems dating back a number of years before the current model-year.

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