Monday, February 08, 2010

Sorry Obama but I see it as Snowzilla

The East coast snow is not an end-of-the-world scenario. Its a monster natural attack which will, by all accounts, recur soon. Sorry, sir.

Snowpocalypse [Obama's term is “snowmageddon”] was fun--that is, until our power went out and the heat vanished. That was two days ago. So I've been contending with the basics of survival: food and shelter.

Quit your bitching. Millions of people deal with no food, electric, comfort every fucking day. You are bitching because you've had to endure an interminable 2 God damn days of the same. Poor fucking baby.

For some reason I question whether you and your ilk are in any position to be a members of the team to lead the world.

My family went camping. It rained the whole weekend. No customary comforts. We played Yahtzee and card games in a tent and had a ball.

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