Friday, April 07, 2006

Global Warming Is A Secret

It seems Bushco isn't just muzzling NASA scientists, but
NOAA scientists
as well.
Scientists doing climate research for the federal government say the Bush administration has made it hard for them to speak forthrightly to the public about global warming. The result, the researchers say, is a danger that Americans are not getting the full story on how the climate is changing.

Employees and contractors working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, along with a U.S. Geological Survey scientist working at an NOAA lab, said in interviews that over the past year administration officials have chastised them for speaking on policy questions; removed references to global warming from their reports, news releases and conference Web sites; investigated news leaks; and sometimes urged them to stop speaking to the media altogether. Their accounts indicate that the ideological battle over climate-change research, which first came to light at NASA, is being fought in other federal science agencies as well.

Doesn't Bush the idiot realise he's playing with the lives of everyone here? I've said it before, earth will survive global warming, rising sea levels, desertification and an eventual glaciation (think ice age), but people and most animals won't.

I believe its safe to say no one alive now will be affected by climate change much at all, but that doesn't make ignoring the problem any less immoral.


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