Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where is the EVIDENCE that Iran threatens the U.S. in Iraq or anywhere else?

I have little doubt Bush intends to attack Iran. Either directly or by his surrogate, Israel. I do hold out hope it won't happen.
I don't think it's at all out of line to criticize Iran, or even declare military force against them an option, IF that military force is directed against some PROVEN provocation or some assault on our nation, including against our forces. It's a separate issue (not an unimportant one) that Bush has placed our soldiers in harm's way in Iraq and elsewhere. They shouldn't be anyone's targets for unwarranted assault. The U.S. can never tolerate any LEGITIMATE outside threat to our nation or our citizens, and that includes from Iran.

That said, there has been absolutely NO EVIDENCE of any threat to our nation or our citizens from the GOVERNMENT of Iran as Bush and other U.S. politicians claim. Reports yesterday indicated that the Bush administration has "postponed" plans to publish a "dossier" of Iranian interference in Iraq because they were "divided over the strength of the US evidence."

Anyway, bear in mind Bush doesn't, up until now, have a reasonable rationale for doing so.

I do disagree with the author. When he says military assault is justified by "some PROVEN provocation" I have to call bullshit. Proven provocations are a dime a dozen. Provocations are not imminent danger.

It's the Department of Defense. It isn't a fucking Department of Offense.

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