Friday, April 06, 2007

Warm welcome greets freed British crew

So these 15 British sailors and marines move in and free London from...

Oops. I was confusing this warm welcome with the one the coalition forces got in Baghdad. Excuse me.
With champagne bottles popping, a Royal Navy crew celebrated at home Thursday after nearly two weeks in Iranian captivity, hugging tearful relatives as Britons expressed outraged that the team was used by Tehran for propaganda.

While much of the country rallied behind the crew's return, others criticized them for offering apologies where none was required — namely for appearing in videos in which they admitted and offered regrets for entering Iranian waters.

Defense officials sought quash the criticism and said that none of the sailors and marines will be punished for making the apologies.[emphasis mine]

They hadn't fucking better punish these people. Goddamn it, they were doing what they had to in order to live and not be treated like chickens whose heads are lopped off.

And as for the critics of their apologies, what in hell would you have done you miserable sots? Shut the fuck up.

Rant over.

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