Thursday, November 22, 2007

US university helped save lives in Cyclone Sidr

Even with this help...
A university in the US provided such detailed information on Cyclone Sidr that Bangladeshi officials were able to move people away and probably saved countless lives.

Almost 24 hours before the storm hit Bangaldesh's coast, emergency officials received detailed storm surge maps from the Louisiana State University (LSU) that showed the areas that would bear the maximum impact of Sidr.

The maps were sent by Bangladesh origin Hassan Mashriqui, an assistant professor at LSU, and helped officials move people out of harm's way ahead of the storm that has left several thousand dead and displaced millions.

I really do like to post positive information from time to time. I admit its rarely available.

How many would have died without this LSU information?

I'll have to admit something. I went to this story because I thought the university might have been mine. It turned out to not be, but that doesn't really matter. At least someone helped.

And, my high school mascot was a tiger. YEAH!

Via Japan Herald.



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