Friday, January 25, 2008

Heathrow crash inquiry focuses on fuel supply

We still have to wait. Such investigations can take months, but it doesn't surprise me the inquiry is now into the fuel supply.

Read the rest here, please. Its easy to see how a pilot could misinterpret what was happening. Your car never sort of "died" on you and gave you little power? You lucky bastard!

As I posted before. These suckers just "don't stop operating".

I'm still betting on maintenance. My head is solid concrete and I have to be right.

Oh yeah: BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | 'Engines running' on crash plane

Much more information here, but it says only one engine was running. Perhaps this is why these investigations take months? Just asking.

These planes aren't like your Chevy pickup, which is complicated enough, but sophisticated, complicated machines and must be maintained properly and regularly if they're to perform correctly.

As the "more" article states, BA had already ordered maintenance checks of fuel lines because they suspected contamination, perhaps of water, in the fuel systems. If you understand cars you know water in the fuel will kill them. Planes are no different in that respect.

Via Telegraph.



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