Saturday, February 11, 2006

Iran Next? No. 5

This from Jonathan Schwarz via Reuters.
Richard Perle, a key architect of the U.S.-led war against Iraq, said on Saturday the West should not make the mistake of waiting too long to use military force if Iran comes close to getting an atomic weapon.

As Jonathan points out, Perle has clout with this administration and can make wars happen.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good Stuff

Please check out Bob Geiger. He consolidates government bills and actions into a consise form (think Cliff Notes) for us morons. He also provides context so we can understand what "such and such bill" really means.

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Be heard. Contact this woman.

Pay Attention Folks

I could site many. Wayne Uff, Agitprop, People, don't you see this administration is shitting on you? They lie, they steal, they take away your most fundamental rights, they sneak behind your back to spy on you, they torture, they hide suspects (in their eyes) in foreign lands, they literally rub your nose in shit and tell you they are protecting you.

This is not the American people I know. We don't put up with this shit. If you do, I am sad. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest would piss on you. Take your country back from these people. What does it take for you to rebel and act like true Americans?

Don't read the papers or watch TV. Read the internets. Discover how truly fucked up this administration is. Learn how you are being screwed daily. Learn how easy it is to make an innocent phone call to your friend in Turkey and instantly become a terrorist. Learn why you should not fear Osama bin Laden, but George W Bush.

Have a nice day...


What an idiot.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

OK I Admit I'm Old...

Was watching Las Vegas (season 1). And they played CCR at the end. It got me to thinking about the GREATEST!

Here is my list of some bands/groups/artists who are tremendous. Your thoughts are welcome.

Credence Clearwater Revival - It was a shame John was denied the chance to record for so many years.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Greatest southern rock band ever.
AC-DC - Duh!
Pink Floyd
Dire Straights
Prince - Of course.
Bob Segar - Gawd this guy is awsome.
John Cougar/Mellencamp
Billy Joel
Ray Charles - Genius doesn't really qualify his work.
Gwen Stephanie
The Who
Rolling Stones.
Yes, I do not include the Beatles. I like Paul with Wings and John's work, but not the Beatles.
George Thouroughgood and the Destroyers - They blow me away...always

I think I have to stop here. There is just so much good music out there. And I didn't even touch on my favourite country artists like Travis Tripp. You really should check out Travis' work. He will rock your socks off.

Rule of Law

From Montana:

The state Supreme Court has overturned the convictions of five people who pleaded no contest in Yellowstone County to driving with suspended or revoked driver's licenses.

Why would the judge do that? Because they had never had licenses which could be suspended or revoked.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Yes, Gladiator

I think Simbaud is onto something here. The people want blood, so let's give them blood. I'm surprised Malkin didn't think of it.

So why not train them [suspected terrorists], equip them with hand weapons (nothing serious: we're thinking broadswords, javelins, maybe nets & tridents), and let them duel to the death before cheering crowds in a large public venue, such as a football stadium?

Seriously though, until one is charged and tried for crime, they are innocent. It's an assumption in place to protect you and me. Dirty Harry and James Bond are fictional characters who ALWAYS know who is good and bad. Our political leaders are not so omnicient.

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I'm a Jinx...

No doubt about it. I favour Democratic candidates and now the Seahawks.

There is a common thread here. In both cases we was robbed. Somehow my endorsement causes bad calls and vote count fraud. Regardless, my team loses.

Maybe I should just start rooting for the "other guys" so my real favourites will win. Your thoughts?

I will admit I was against Barry Goldwater and he lost, but that may be the only time I was not a jinx. Just shoot me!

We Was Robbed...

Although I believe Superbowl XL was the worst officiated game I've ever seen. it's part of the game.

Congrats to the Steelers. Just don't destroy your city in celebration like Seattle would.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steve Jobs and NSA Spying

Strange topic? Sometimes I. Cringley is very eclectic.
No, not about phone and wire-tapping -- more on that below -- but on the Disney-Pixar merger. What if, instead of having to accept the board presence of Steve Jobs as a cost of getting Pixar's animation talent and film library, Disney actually views the transaction as buying Pixar TO GET Steve Jobs and then gaining the animation bits as a bonus?

Could you take on corporate giants and be successful? Me neither, but Steve Jobs can.

Iran Next? No. 4

The following is lifted from They got it from The American Conservative.

"The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing – that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack – but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."

OK, in an earlier post I quoted an article from Asian Times online saying Isreal would provide the first strikes. US, Isreal, does it really matter? The fact is Iran will be pounded either way. And it will be pounded regardless whether it is innocent or guilty. Russia and China see it coming and now cheney has identified the trigger. I also doubt the trigger has to be a massive attack.

Yes I know I didn't capitalize cheney's name. To me a capital letter shows respect and I have no more respect for him than I do for the Air Force officers who are carrying out his orders, which appall them, because they fear for their careers.

Sad Day for Feminists

She will be missed. It was amazing what this one woman did for ALL women.

One of the leading lights of America's post-war feminist movement, Betty Friedan, has died at the age of 85.

Her legacy will, of course, continue thru the National Organization for Women (NOW) which she founded in 1966.

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Should Prove Interesting

Reuters on Saturday published an article about Syrians setting fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies in protests over cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad.

Mentioned in a couple small paragraphs, we see what Iran may bring to the table in this controversy.

Oil giant Iran, already embroiled in a dispute with the West over its nuclear program, said it was reviewing trade ties with countries that have published such caricatures.

The cartoons are easy to find on various blogs by Americans. Perhaps a US newspaper has published the cartoons, but I found no evidence via Google. Editor&Publisher says some newspapers have included links to the cartoons on the Web.

In Googling about the cartoons, I ran into this AP alert in the Gaineville Sun. This too should prove interesting.

State TV says Iran's president has ordered the resumption of uranium enrichment and the end of snap nuclear inspections.

Update: It appears that with any luck shrub will blow off the US's supply of Venezuelan oil. This just keeps getting better. Seems I remember someone in the administration lamenting the fact we don't have enough oil refineries. This may be a way to get some quite easily. Big oil never loses do they?
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Saturday he could shut his government's U.S.-based refineries and sell oil to nations other than the United States if Washington decided to cut diplomatic ties, as relations between the two countries continue to worsen.