Friday, February 22, 2008

"Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception."

-- Gautama Buddha


Did your father ever say, "Do what I say and not what I do?"

Fucking stupid!

I guess "lead by example" alluded the asshole.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Freedom In Staggered Payments

Please help if you can.

If you read his earlier posts you'll know Dennis was doing janitorial work.

My fucking point being, don't ever judge someone by their education or occupation or lack of same. I've known some extremely bright homeless people. Intelligence exists throughout the world's population and doesn't play favorites.

The same goes for writing ability. Dennis proves that over and over.

Via Dennis Perrin.


Airman Dies in Collision During Training

This is starting to get to be a fucking PITA (Pain In The Ass).

Every earlier story I read said both pilots ejected and were fine. Can't these "professionals" get the goddamn story right? Earlier reports also said both were F-15s and now they report one was an F-15 and one an F-16. I do better than that reporting sitting in my fucking home.

Jesus H Christ in a parachute. What the fuck is going on?

Tell me, without any coaching, can you detect any difference between the F-15 (above) and the F-16 (below)? I thought you could.

Sorry, but I think my meds wore off.

Via AP.



I'm skewing far too fucking negative. So I go to Cute Overload for relief.

Via Cute Overload.


Must read IMHO

A 2-year-old child died at a Gaza hospital today after the Israeli authorities barred his transfer to a hospital abroad for further medical treatment. His death raised the number of Palestinian patients who have died due to the siege of Gaza to 98, including 17 children, including some as young as 1 1/2 months.

Hey, it gets fucking worse. Read the story.

Via Left I on the News.

For McCain, self-confidence on ethics poses its own risk

This is no endorsement of nor support for John, but this story is all over the internets tubes. Perhaps he is (was?) a horn dog, but you and I don't know for sure and neither do the authors of the newspaper stories.

In my many years in corporate America I've had several close relationships with females. I loved every one of those. Did I cheat on my wife. NO! Did I do anything more than a little flirting? NO! Did others assume I was unfaithful? You bet your sweet ass they did. Fuck 'em! Too harsh.

Men can have female friends with no hanky panky.

Sometimes appearances of impropriety are smoke and mirrors.

BTW: Did you know John McCain has a destroyer named after him? I didn't. I learn something new every fucking day.

040206-N-2970T-001 At sea aboard USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) Feb. 6, 2004 Ð Guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) fires a RIM-7 surface-to-air missile during a training exercise. The Navy uses the Sea Sparrow version aboard ships as a surface-to-air anti-missile defense weapon. The versatile Sparrow has all-weather, all-altitude operational capability and can attack high-performance aircraft and missiles from any direction. During the exercise, the missile intercepted a remote controlled, GPS-guided test drone. McCain and the amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) participated in the missile firing exercise conducted to test the ships defensive capability. U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate Airman Marvin E. Thompson Jr. (RELEASED)

Via IHT.


One person can make a difference

With a little help from friends, Dim Son has almost completely destroyed a once proud nation.

Historically (see the Ugly American) Americans have been loud, demanding, refusing to learn another's language, but those were character traits which could be resolved. But there is nothing one can do when one is hated for being American before even arriving in a foreign country because of the asshole in Washington.

By any measure, the idiot has failed as a president (No I will not capitalized that word while he's in office.)

In reference to the above book. If you have never read it, its a first edition for you.


Permanent U.S. Army command taking shape in Kuwait

Can you say imperialism? Yeah I thought you could.
U.S. Army Central is establishing a permanent platform for “full spectrum operations” in 27 countries around southwest Asia and the Middle East, its commander says.

Lt. Gen. James J. Lovelace said the Army has diverse capabilities here now but plans to reach a complete level of operational effectiveness by July.

The restructuring, which offers more flexibility for offensive, defensive and stability operations, is a major piece of transformation worldwide, said Lovelace.

“It’s the first Army command to do this,” said Lovelace, who also heads the Coalition Forces Land Component. “Now, we’re not only operational but the Army has committed other assets.”

Jesus H Christ in an Abrams, what the fuck is going on with the US? This ain't the country I grew up in.

Via Mathaba.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Must read IMHO


I didn't know it was possible for me to be this angry, pissed off, depressed and emotional.

I was supposed to be a civilian two weeks ago.

Ten months left. Fuckin' hooah.

Via Fun With Hand Grenades.

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OK, our subject is pets.

I've had a dog which bit me.

I had a bull calf who loved to hit me with his head. In case you are not from the country, a bull calves's head is approximately the equivalent of stone.

I had a cat which loved to scratch the hell out of me.

Also had an iguana which shredded my forearms. Why the fuck I never got infected is a mystery to me.

I had tarantulas, scorpions and piranhas, none of which did me any harm.

Gander? Yeah, he was a piece of work. Left welts for weeks on my hands.

Then there was the fucking rooster who loved to stab me with his spurs.

Jesus H Christ in the saddle how did I forget this? I've had two horses try their fucking best to kill me. One nearly did.

Come to think of it, being slow to learn, I don't think I like animals.


I'm a success

Earlier I discovered I'm a D-list blogger and now realize I'm a world leader. Go figure.

Why he calls me Pervez alludes me.

This is the best news I've received since that offer of wealth from Africa.
Dear Pervez,
I am a Civil Lawyer. I have a Client that wants to invest her financial estate in your Country. Can you be of any assistance to be a partner? I will give you more details when you reply.
Barr. Perry Goodluck.


Who's the man?

He refers to the Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki and the now at least 88,000 strong U.S. contracted, mostly Sunni Muslims, who are fighting Al Qaida in Iraq. The U.S. military now calls them the Sons of Iraq, before that they were the Concerned Local Citizens.

Most of them are former insurgents and many people say a lot of Al Qaida are now part of these groups, paid to stay out of trouble. [emphasis mine]

Why the hell does "lie down with dogs" come to mind?

Hey, I finally made the "D" list!!!1!! D-List Blogger W00t!

Via Baghdad.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To set the record straight

Hey, someone has to do it.

First off, I'm a guy which will make this all understandable.

Burritos and enchiladas are breakfast foods as is cold pizza. Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes are dinner foods on occasion. Burgers are fine for any meal.

Diana, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Che Guevara, Anna Nicole Smith, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, all dead as will be you eventually. Forget about them.

If you have to stand in line or wait more than 5 minutes in a fast food store, it is no longer fast food.

If you need to cut down on sodium, don't buy food in a grocery store. All such foods have sodium added.

All cars are kewl, even the Edsel. Some are ugly, but even ugly has its appeal.

There was no earthly need for the Sound of Music.

Microwave ovens are too slow.

Almost anything on a car can be fixed with one of 2 wrenches (or Vise Grips) and a screwdriver.

With few exceptions, cats are a waste of fur. I had one. It was pure white and the size of a medium dog. He loved to scratch the hell out of my arms when we played. He actually attacked dogs who tried to come into the yard. One day he disappeared. Haven't had a cat since.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith’s Death Blamed on Global Warming

Who said wingers can't do funny?

If this isn't intentional humor I think I need to slit my wrists and the author needs seek immediate psychiatric help.
Our globe would probably cool off several degrees if Al Gore would just shut up and loose some weight. First things first, Al.

The unsubstantiated hot air that emits from Gore’s pie hole, the friction heat his chunky thighs generate when he waddles, plus the greenhouse gas he bellows out his backside after scarfing down the grande enchilada platter at Casa Ole are enough to make a polar bear bust a sweat.

Speaking of polar bears, I do hope it gets a little warmer up north. I’ve always wanted to hunt polar bear, but it’s just been too cold. Go warmer temps!

Back to Gore. You and I both know that Gore would be warning us about the negative effects of Spider Monkey urine if it would ingratiate him to the voting public. And that’s what his global warming, god awful warbling is all about: the unavoidable Presidential aspirations of Albert Gore. Jose Feliciano can see that.

Evidently, global warming didn’t hit Texas last month when I was there during Dallas’ Safari Club. It was cold. I’m talkin’ Hillary chilly. Also, I believe it snowed in Malibu this year. But that, too, could be a sign.

As a matter of fact, everything is now an omen that our orb is getting over-cooked.

• Lindsay Lohan’s fire crotch? Global warming.

• Paula Abdul’s speech slurs? Global warming.

• The tarpon bite has been a little slow and late this year in Miami. Global warming. I’ve noticed also that the flying fish have shortened their glide paths. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

• Anna Nicole Smith’s untimely death? Global warming . . . or possibly, her opportunistic lawyer, Howard K. Stern?

• Astronauts doing whacky things with BB guns, love triangles and adult diapers? Must be global warming. Think about it.

• This could also be the reason why Rosie’s so angry all the time. The gradual roasting of our terra firma under her feet is making her irritated. Or, maybe she’s just plump and pouty. It’s a coin toss on that one.

This is imaginative writing I can only hope to accomplish. Of course, I have no where near enough drugs to write this shit.

Via Town Hall.


Must read IMHO

Delacroix's Liberty

We here at Ranger took the liberty of exercising our online liberties to avail ourself of the Free Dictionary online to come up with a meaning for the word "liberty." We figured if that is part of what we're fighting for, we ought to know precisely what it means in order to know if we are accomplishing it.

Via rangeragainstwar.


For your edification

Cat blogging

Yeah, I'm breaking from tradition by cat blogging now. And I'm actually featuring a cat!

I'm not too sure letting the kitty drive is such a good idea, however. For one thing, it doesn't look old enough to have a license. And reaching the pedals might pose a problem.

I have no idea where tiki god finds this shit, but I love it.

Via myconfinedspace.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Independence Day

The good news is Kosovo is now an independent state. The bad news is Bush now has a new country to eventually invade.

Hey, is it just me or was Coca Cola behind this?

Via The Agonist.


Quote of the day

"The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations."

-- David Friedman

Or both in the case of Dim Son.


Via Quotes of the Day.


On Superdelegates and Momentum

Not the fragrance of jasmine

I won't get into the ethics of courting superdelegates. Its how the game legally can be played whether it suits me or not.

What doesn't suit me is the fact there are superdelegates at all. Being somewhat politically naive in some respects, I'd never heard of these people who can negate your voice. Its pure bullshit and unacceptable in any democracy.


Combine superdelegates with Diebold and the US becomes nothing more than a banana republic.

Hahaha. And you thought you were in control? Don't fucking kid yourself.
Over the past two weeks, superdelegates have emerged from the political shadows -- becoming in short order the most heavily targeted 800 (or so) people in the country by the two remaining Democratic presidential candidates.

Via The Fix.


Must read IMHO

Dennis Perrin

Dennis will give you perspective.

I read many blogs. Several are written by PH.Ds, MBAs, JDs and others with advanced degrees, but none are more capable, eloquent and succinct than Dennis.

If you happen to have a gig for him, reach out. He writes like I wish I could.

Via Dennis Perrin.


Perfect view

I now have another reason for wishing I were Bruce Willis.

Yeah, it took me some time to notice there was a guy in the picture.

Truth is, I can't see enough pictures of Halle Berry. Puurfection.

Catch the joke there? If not...we gots visual aids.

Hey, just realized this's cat blogging too. Muahahaha.

Via myconfinedspace.


This can't be good

Maybe someday it will work. Many of us disparately hope so.

Via myconfinedspace.


Must read IMHO

I'm not even gonna bother trying to excerpt this. Too much there.

Enlighten yourself.

Via Bad Attitudes.