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Friday, May 23, 2008

Shitterton: The village that dare not speak its name - NSFW?

For centuries, this pretty Dorset village has enjoyed a special place in the Gazetteer of Britain. But now, there’s a stirring behind the hedgerows, and some of its residents are (whisper it) rebranding their community. Things may never be quite the same... in Shitterton.

"The only annoying thing is that the Shitterton sign is always being stolen. Three have gone so far this year"

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How the [US] government is passing secret laws

Must read IMHO.
The government is undermining our rights by making laws in secret. Surprise, surprise.

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New study finds steep costs of doing nothing on climate

Eventually one must pay the piper.
Doing nothing about global warming would cost America dearly in the rest of this century because of stronger hurricanes, higher energy and water costs, and rising seas that would swamp coastal communities, according to a new study by economists at Tufts University.

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GAO says moving infectious disease lab is risky

Homeland Security Department (DHS) trying its best to become the new FEMA.

Planning is for suckers.

I consider my readers to be of average or superior intelligence, so let's take a look. The government has an island where researchers can experiment with highly contagious animal diseases and someone in DHS thinks its fucking intelligent to move said lab to the continental US?

Does Murphy's Law come to mind?
The Homeland Security Department, which wants to move research on highly contagious animal diseases from an island lab to the mainland, never fully assessed the move's safety, an official of Congress' investigative arm told lawmakers on Thursday.

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Wedding photographer captures earthquake moments

"special day" doesn't capture it

The photographer was waiting for the bride and groom when the ground began shaking. Then they were enveloped in dust thrown up by the mighty earthquake, and the photographer kept shooting, documenting a remarkable wedding day.

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White House denies Iran attack report

We shall see.
The White House on Tuesday flatly denied an Army Radio report that claimed US President George W. Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term. It said that while the military option had not been taken off the table, the administration preferred to resolve concerns about Iran's push for a nuclear weapon "through peaceful diplomatic means." Army Radio had quoted a top official in Jerusalem claiming that a senior member in the entourage of President Bush, who visited Israel last week, had said in a closed meeting here that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were of the opinion that military action against Iran was called for.

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This just in…

click image for larger

Some people have all the fun.

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Really fresh pineapples on sale

No, I did not write that ad copy, but it does have a certain je ne sai quoi that fits my style.

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Nutrition and health

For those of you who watch what you eat, here’s the final word on nutrition and health. It’s a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.
1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.


Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

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Stupidity in motion

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Medical examiner told to remove references to Taser as contributing to the deaths of three local men

"For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible."

-- Alice
-- Alice in Wonderland
-- by Lewis Carroll

A judge has ruled that the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office must change its autopsy findings to remove all references to the Taser stun gun as a contributing cause of death in the cases of three men who died during encounters with county law enforcement officers.

And the next story:
Two heart specialists told an inquiry into the use of Tasers on Tuesday that a jolt from the weapons can "almost certainly" cause heart problems and possibly even sudden cardiac arrest.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil scales record summits above 135 dollars

Did I not tell you? $100 was the threshold. After that, all bets were off.

How ya like your fucking SUV now? Just asking.

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Never be afraid to say what you feel

The caption is FUCK YOU.

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It really is this simple

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People like criticism — just keep it positive and flattering.


Get Well Soon, Senator Kennedy..............

Subject: Tell Senator Kennedy to get well soon


Sadly, progressive champion, Senator Ted Kennedy, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

I just signed a card from the entire MoveOn community wishing him well and I thought you might want to add your name, too.

Senator Kerry will hand deliver the card with all the signatures and well wishes to Senator Kennedy.

All you have to do to add your name to the card is click


Big Shot Bob (In Texas)

What pisses me off is this. The US which thinks it's preeminent in health care and can wipe the fucking floor with all other countries can't, with Kennedy's money, save this man. Your HMO is looking good now?

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But it's not fair . . .

First of all. Whoever told you life is fair?

They lied.

My X often told our sons "life isn't fair so don't expect it to be".

Second, I supported Clinton. I think Obama's a rock star loved by the media. But...

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I knew I was right to be paranoid about my ISP

From Faux News.
"Greta, I hope I can return when we have a president who knows what he's doing."

-- The Donald (Trump)
-- New York icon

So fucking true.


More ISP problems, but they assure me they're solved

I'll believe it when I see it.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

China's post-quake challenge: 5 million homeless

Five fucking million!!!1!!
China is grappling with the next massive task in the aftermath of its earthquake — how to shelter the 5 million people left homeless.

Many were living Tuesday in tent cities like one at the base of Qianfo mountain in the disaster zone, offering some stability — along with food and medical care — to those whose lives were upended.

"After the quake, we couldn't sleep for five days. We were really, really afraid," said Chen Shigui, a weathered 55-year-old farmer who climbed for two days with his wife and injured father to reach the camp from their mountain village. "I felt relieved when we got here. It's much safer compared to my home."

But there's not enough room to go around.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Night Out

When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her out to some place expensive..................

So I took her to a gas station !!!!!!

Funny and fucking sad

Everybody cuts,
everybody bleeds,
every hidden scar is just to find, so,
just breathe, let it out, and breathe. Come on and breathe.

--Ricky Lee
--Hell No

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Myanmar opens door to help from Asian neighbors

File under: Its about fucking time.

Jesus H Christ in a rowboat, you'd think the moron in the White House was in charge of relief efforts.
Myanmar's junta, facing global outrage for spurning international assistance, appeared to relent Monday, saying it would allow its Asian neighbors to oversee the distribution of foreign relief to cyclone survivors.

It also approved a visit by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and prepared to host a meeting of aid donors, while claiming that losses from the May 2-3 disaster exceeded $10 billion.

A three-day official period of mourning was to begin Tuesday for the dead, which numbered more than 78,000, according to official figures. Another 56,000 people are missing.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mideast peace needs 'tough sacrifices’: Bush

Like the moron has made any sacrifices. Golf?

I don't think so.

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SKorea to summon Japan envoy over disputed islands (AFP)

Cut it the fuck out. K?

Yes land is limited, but conflicts over land are so passé. If I had my druthers, Palestinians would have their lands back, but...

Et Tu Vanessa Redgrave you pariah.
South Korea's foreign minister will summon the Japanese ambassador on Monday to protest at what is seen as a renewed Tokyo campaign to claim disputed islands, officials said.South Korea's foreign minister will summon the Japanese ambassador on Monday to protest at what is seen as a renewed Tokyo campaign to claim disputed islands, officials said.

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Yao's 'stingy' China quake donation sparks debate (AFP)

Just to add a little gasoline to the fire...
On a day when Deng Xiaoping's widow gave her entire life savings to China's earthquake relief, it didn't pass unnoticed here that sporting icon Yao Ming was a little less generous with his own donation.

China's richest celebrity donated 500,000 yuan (70,000 dollars) to a relief fund, sparking fierce criticism on the Internet that it was too little from a basketball hero known for his charity work.

"A bit stingy isn't it?" one fan wrote.

The 7.9-magnitude quake in China's southwest Sichuan province likely killed some 50,000 people, according to government estimates, with the official toll already nearly 29,000 but countless thousands missing or believed buried under the rubble of devastated towns.

Yao, the 2.26-metre (seven-foot-six-inch) Houston Rockets centre, has been at the top of the Forbes magazine list of richest Chinese celebrities for the past five years.

Last year he earned some 55 million dollars from basketball and sponsorship activities.

His initial offer of 500,000 yuan triggered its own "earthquake of protest,' Maopu (, a top entertainment website, said.

Critics maintain that the donation was loose change to a man who makes more than that with one promotional photo shoot.

"If 500,000 dollars -- not to mention 500,000 yuan -- disappeared from his bank account, he wouldn't even notice," said one fan.

Internet criticism of Yao forced the basketball star to up his donation to 2,000,000 yuan later in the week, according to media reports.

Criticism of sporting heroes is unusual in China where they are often seen as national icons.

Yao is known for his charity work, raising more than a million dollars for under-privileged Chinese children last year and devoting time and energy toward helping stage the 2007 Special Olympics in his home city of Shanghai.

But some Chinese are not slow to attack Yao when it comes to money, accusing him of not giving enough of his enormous wealth back to his home country.

"He's been drinking milk and eating bread (like an American) for a while and he's forgotten where he comes," one posting said. "You are Chinese!"

Though supporters were outnumbered by critics, many people agreed with one commentator who said that contributions were a personal matter, and "whatever Yao gives is his business."

On Friday, China's state media reported that Zhuo Lin, 92-year-old widow of China's late leader Deng, had emptied her life savings totalling 100,000 yuan to give to earthquake victims.

It said she found it hard to sleep and eat after hearing of the tragedy.

Last year he earned some 55 million dollars from basketball and sponsorship activities. That's 55 million fucking dollars!!!1!!

Shit. Out of my meager funds I support 6 people and send most of them to school. It hurts, but it's necessary and this fucker can't cough up money for his homeland?

I've lost all respect for Yao. Fuck his athletic abilities.

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Are you proud of America?

This so very wrong as in it should never have happened.
Grave by mass grave, South Korea is unearthing the skeletons and buried truths of a cold-blooded slaughter from early in the Korean War, when this nation's U.S.-backed regime killed untold thousands of leftists and hapless peasants in a summer of terror in 1950.

With U.S. military officers sometimes present, and as North Korean invaders pushed down the peninsula, the southern army and police emptied South Korean prisons, lined up detainees and shot them in the head, dumping the bodies into hastily dug trenches. Others were thrown into abandoned mines or into the sea. Women and children were among those killed. Many victims never faced charges or trial.

The mass executions - intended to keep possible southern leftists from reinforcing the northerners - were carried out over mere weeks and were largely hidden from history for a half-century. They were "the most tragic and brutal chapter of the Korean War," said historian Kim Dong-choon, a member of a 2-year-old government commission investigating the killings.

Hundreds of sets of remains have been uncovered so far, but researchers say they are only a tiny fraction of the deaths. The commission estimates at least 100,000 people were executed, in a South Korean population of 20 million.

That estimate is based on projections from local surveys and is "very conservative," said Kim. The true toll may be twice that or more, he told The Associated Press.

In addition, thousands of South Koreans who allegedly collaborated with the communist occupation were slain by southern forces later in 1950, and the invaders staged their own executions of rightists.

Through the postwar decades of South Korean right-wing dictatorships, victims' fearful families kept silent about that blood-soaked summer. American military reports of the South Korean slaughter were stamped "secret" and filed away in Washington. Communist accounts were dismissed as lies.

Only since the 1990s, and South Korea's democratization, has the truth begun to seep out.

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Gas prices set new record for seventh consecutive day

You don't really need to eat, right? Just asking.
Gas prices have set record highs in Arizona and across the country for each of the past seven days. According to AAA, the nationwide average for a gallon of regular unleaded hit $3.76 Wednesday morning, up nearly 3 cents from Tuesday's record high.

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Spielberg piles on action in charmless Indy sequel

Jesus H Christ in a fedora, but the critics and media in general hate the new Indy Jones movie. I'll just judge for my fucking self...when it comes out on cable because I don't go to movies.

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" seems to be more of a sequel to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" than to the last film in the adventure series 19 years ago.

Hey, they also didn't like Hell Comes to Frogtown.

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Wartime cluster bombs still reap deadly harvest in Laos

Kinda makes ya feel proud to be American, huh? Just asking.
A man shapes a ball of C4 plastic explosive like a child with playdough, carefully inserts it into a hole at the side of the road, attaches an electric detonator, and walks away.

It's all in the name of saving lives.

He's not a soldier -- the war here in Laos ended more than 30 years ago -- but an explosives disposal expert trying to rid his country of the conflict's deadly legacy, which still kills and maims.

During the Vietnam war, neighbouring Laos, something of a sleepy Southeast Asian backwater, suddenly became the world's most heavily bombed country per head of population.

US bombers targeting Vietnamese and Lao communist forces flew about 80,000 missions over the country in the 1960s and 70s.

In fact, more explosives were dropped here than in Europe during World War II, over two million tonnes, according to UN data. And many failed to explode, leaving the poverty-stricken country littered with countless de-facto landmines.

Most of these devices -- some 260 million, experts suggest -- are cluster munitions, tennis ball-sized bomblets that were dropped in loads of 300 to 400 each to kill enemy troops over areas as large as several football fields.

Up to a third of these failed to explode, often because their impact was cushioned by tree foilage and muddy rice fields.

The US kills and then kills again.

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Frog Migration: Omen to China Earthquake Disaster

So the Chinese are superstitious nut jobs? You decide.
On May 5th, many Chinese locals noticed thousands of frogs on the move. They were seen traveling without fear of traffic as they crossed streets in mass floods. Many Chinese sensed the migration as a bad omen of a coming natural disaster, but the Chinese government told them that it was just a natural migration for the purpose of propagation. This calmed the people and no one took the omen very seriously.

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The Ongoing Collapse of the Gitmo Military Commissions

OK. I'm not proud, but I stole this whole post from The Signs of the Times. need to read it.
Anyone who has kept half an eye on the proceedings at the Military Commissions in Guantánamo -- the unique system of trials for "terror suspects" that was conceived in the wake of the 9/11 attacks by Vice President Dick Cheney and his close advisers -- will be aware that their progress has been faltering at best. After six and a half years, in which they have been ruled illegal by the Supreme Court, derailed by their own military judges, relentlessly savaged by their own military defense lawyers, and condemned as politically motivated by their own former chief prosecutor, they have only secured one contentious result: a plea bargain negotiated by the Australian David Hicks, who admitted to providing "material support for terrorism," and dropped his well-chronicled claims of torture and abuse by US forces, in order to secure his return to Australia to serve out the remainder of a meager nine-month sentence last March. In the last few weeks, however, Cheney's dream has been souring at an even more alarming rate than usual. Following boycotts of pre-trial hearings in March and April by three prisoners -- Mohamed Jawad, Ahmed al-Darbi and Ibrahim al-Qosi -- the latest appearance by Salim Hamdan, a Yemeni who worked as a driver for Osama bin Laden, spread the words "boycott" and "Guantánamo" around the world.

This, my friends, is the US government in action. So kewl.

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I'm sorry. So sorry. Please accept my apologies.

If you need. SPIIDERWEB™ can reproduce these in bulk.

Just kidding.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Questions requiring answers

What's up with Google's recent logos?


Bush reiterates desire for accord in Egypt

File under: Imagination or Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't care less.
President Bush sought to assure Arabs on Saturday that he is committed to securing an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal by the end of the year, as he arrived at this Red Sea resort for a quick round of consultations with key allies.

Interviewer of Miss America contestant: What do you want?

Contestant: Well sir, I want world peace.

Interviewer of Miss America contestant: Gee, you sound just like George Bush.

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Jesus H Christ with a laptop. What in the hell is the US becoming? Certainly nothing I'm comfortable with.
The Air Force wants a suite of hacker tools, to give it "access" to -- and "full control" of -- any kind of computer there is. And once the info warriors are in, the Air Force wants them to keep tabs on their "adversaries' information infrastructure completely undetected."

The government is growing increasingly interested in waging war online. The Air Force recently put together a "Cyberspace Command," with a charter to rule networks the way its fighter jets rule the skies. The Department of Homeland Security, Darpa, and other agencies are teaming up for a five-year, $30 billion "national cybersecurity initiative." That includes an electronic test range, where federally-funded hackers can test out the latest electronic attacks. "You used to need an army to wage a war," a recent Air Force commercial notes. "Now, all you need is an Internet connection."

I'll be as polite as I can. I have nothing to hide. Ask me anything and I'll give an honest answer. Medical? Financial? Faithfulness? Sexual proclivities? Just ask.

But keep your fucking nose out of my business!

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The Sun Queen and a Very Real Contest

There's no doubt this is true (politically), but isn't it fucking crass for supporters to voice it? Just asking.
According to Obama supporters and his allies in the media, Hillary is finished and the nomination is securely in Obama’s hands. David Broder laments that “If Clinton weren’t still challenging, [Obama] could easily devote a week to a swing through Hispanic enclaves from California to New York.”

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Under the bus as they say

Have you noticed how Richard Quest, who was always super-hyped on CNN, has disappeared? And as far as I know hasn't been mentioned on CNN or any other news broadcast. Of course I don't monitor all channels 24/7.

Could this have anything to do with it?
CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law-enforcement sources said.

Clearly the guy has problems, but CNN owes him more than to treat him as a persona non grata or pariah. His thing ain't mine, but he was obviously a respected member of the CNN family.

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My stupid moment

This is what I think. Hey, its my blog and I'm free to demonstrate how stupid I am and regularly do.

I got it!

The Bush family has large holdings in oil companies. The moron owes big oil for their monetary support of him and daddy. But neither of these explain why the idiot-in-chief feels compulsively compelled to give big oil the keys to the castle.

Nope, none of that.

Shrub is buying friends.

He's like the pathetic little boy who has an embarrassing personality as perceived by others and needs to bribe the other kids to like him. Perhaps he even smells funny.

After leaving office the clown will undoubtedly be hired by big oil as a "consultant". Consultant is a polite word for a fucking lobbyist. He won't be allowed anywhere near actual decision making because he's just too goddamn stupid. They'll hire him because of his contacts which will be somewhat suspect because the GOP won't control Congress and won't be in the White House.


UK: Top estate agents firm close to collapse after credit crunch

Bush, I hope you're happy about what you've wrought on the world. Bringing down the US economy is one thing, but you're bringing down everyone. Your father must be so fucking proud of you.

Sorry I've not referenced all the other similar stories about failures world-wide.
One of Britain's largest estate agents has fallen victim to the slowdown in the housing market, prompting fears for thousands of jobs around the country. Shares trading was suspended in Humberts, which has 80 branches from Central London to Hampshire, amid doubts about its viability. The group's demise would be the first high-profile estate agency casualty of the housing market squeeze.

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There Is No Gas Shortage

At least not for now anymore than there are catastrophic impacts from climate change and and loss of biodiversity, but they're imminent.
But Washington, Wall Street, and ethanol and oil and gas companies want you to think there is, says automotive expert Ed Wallace

"They see speculation in the market, I see decline in global inventories. I don't think this is a big surprise, that we've had a jump in price when there has been a decrease in crude inventories." - Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, Bloomberg News, Mar. 5, 2008

"It should be obvious to you all that the [gasoline] demand is outstripping supply, which causes prices to go up." - President George W. Bush, Associated Press, Mar. 5, 2008

One wonders if verifiable facts ever get in the way of this administration's statements on issues that are critical to the average American's wellbeing. After all, last time I checked, when politicians are elected to public office, or appointed, as is Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman, they must take an oath to the American people before assuming their new positions. How can they forget a sacred oath so quickly? Were they daydreaming when they took it, so it never meant anything to begin with? Maybe it's just another promise you have to make to get into office: When you're securely incumbent you can ignore even solemn oaths you took.

Obviously, the two quotes that led this article came from discussions concerning the current high price for oil on the futures market. Bodman appears to be protecting the speculators in oil, as opposed to looking after the interests of all Americans. President Bush, apparently, has never talked to the Energy Dept.'s Energy Information Agency to see whether gasoline demand is actually up. More troubling, the writer of that particular Associated Press article obviously didn't look up the EIA's numbers to verify the President's assertions. They weren't accurate.

Energy Information Agency.

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U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes

Jesus H Christ on his knees in prayer. Is the military recruiting cretins?
The U.S. military on Saturday formally apologized to an Iraqi village after a soldier admitted using the Quran, Islam's holy book, for target practice.

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Burmese junta moves refugees out of monasteries to stem monks' influence.

It isn't like I needed something else to piss me off...
The longstanding tensions between the two largest organizations in Burma (Myanmar) - the military and the Buddhist clergy - are finding new outlets as both groups confront the devastating aftermath of cyclone Nargis.

The monks have temples sheltering victims in the delta - and have begun to organize funding and supplies for victims, which they hope to deliver via an underground network of sympathetic citizens and exiles worldwide and in Thai border areas such as Mae Sot.

But nearly two weeks since the storm struck, the military, unquestionably, has the upper hand, with guns, helicopters, and relief supplies. And now, it is starting to force cyclone victims out of monasteries into tent camps, prompted by concern that the monks could help spur protests.

Benjamin Zawacki, a researcher in Bangkok with Amnesty International, says the government has the right to relocate people for their well-being in an emergency. "But if they are being moved on account of being associated with the monks," he says, "it's emblematic of the last 40 years, where the government is putting its survival over the survival of their people. Their rights are already being violated. As good Buddhists, people are used to hanging out in monasteries."

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Magnitude 6.1 quake hits Sichuan, China

Dear God, please give these fucking people a break? OK?
A 6.1-magnitude earthquake shook Sichuan province in China on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported, five days after a massive tremor killed tens of thousands of people. USGS reported the latest earthquake, which follows scores of slightly less strong aftershocks during the week, was nearly 50 miles deep and hit 49 miles west of Guangyuan.

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Texas mayors sue Homeland Security over border fence

OK, this may not concern those of you in Maine, Idaho, Missouri, Florida but it should.

I'm amazed how DHS has morphed into SS.

Am I being extreme? Perhaps, but not by much.
A coalition of community leaders from Texas on Friday sued the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over construction of a controversial fence on the Southwest border, saying the DHS trampled the rights of property owners in acquiring land for the project. The class-action suit, filed in a federal district court in Washington, accuses Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and DHS officials of violating numerous laws and regulations and effectively coercing Texas property owners to turn over land for the fence without consultation.

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And now for something completely different

Jesus H Christ playing Tarzan.
The Japanese have fucking style!

Go to the link for details.

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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Bob Dylan

Don't you find it clever how I used a headline reminiscent of the era of the original bumper sticker?

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A Fast Note on Strokes

Senator Kennedy (D-Mass) has apparently been flown to Boston due to stroke-like symptoms.

Is this more important news than your grandmother's having a stroke? Come on. Of course not, but he's an icon.

As for Jim Macdonald who wrote this post, I have no idea what his credentials are, but he sure as shit sounds authoritative.

I've been meaning to write a post about Strokes and Head Injuries (sometime after the long-delayed Trauma And You, Part IV), and this isn't going to be it. It'll just be a few quick notes.

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Breaking: Senator Edward Kennedy Rushed To Hospital, Shows Symptoms Of Stroke

I just heard about this via Blue Gal which happens when one lives in a cave with bats and guano.

Have I always agreed with Sir Ted? Hardly. I often don't agree with myself.

But, for a multi millionaire who has no fucking obligation to do anything, he's always been good for America. His loss or incapacitation would be a huge crime.

Crooks and Liars has more.

Sen. Edward Kennedy was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital in Massachusetts Saturday morning, a well-informed, prominent Democratic source in that state told CNN.

The source said the 76-year-old senator had “symptoms of a stroke.”

Kennedy was taken to the hospital around 8 or 9 a.m. from the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis, according to the source. The source said the senator would be transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

That hospital said it had no information on Kennedy.

Kennedy has represented Massachusetts in the Senate since 1962. He is one of only six senators in U.S. history to serve more than 40 years. He is known as a liberal champion of social issues such as health care, family leave, and the minimum wage.

Even if you're a non-believer, please send your prayers. God won't mind.

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Cute young ass

Your mind needs overdue cleaning if you expected something else.

Consider this cat blogging too.

I wonder if caught this one.

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