Saturday, April 07, 2007

Must read IMHO

Have I ever steered you wrong? I think not. Go read it.


Sell your soul to Google™

Another service.

Soon your whole life will revolve around Google™. Just accept it.


Ugly, but a site you must visit

I can't keep up with the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Coalition Casualty Count News does.

This guy (assumption) sorts through all the reports and makes sense of the attacks and bodies. It isn't pretty, but...


Stop theocracy

We got a blog swarm here, folks. Go there.

Unless ya wanna see this.

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Cat blogging

A cat for a change.



My meds have kicked in

I have no idea how or when I opened this site.


Credit where credit is due

When someone at Faux News' ad agency came up with the "We report, you decide." slogan, it was a master stroke.

Unfortunately, it wasn't true, but that's not important.

Faux News is an arm of the Republican party and rarely disguises it.

Its still a monster slogan. Kudos.


Put on your tinfoil hat

There's a post over at with the following headline.
The Evidence Is There: It's Time for Congress to Investigate the Ties Between the Bush Family and Osama bin Laden

What I can read is this.
How the Bush family's private connection to a dirty offshore bank is the o­nly link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.By Lucy Komisar |IPS News Apr 5, 2007The following chapter, "The BCCI Game: Banking o­n America, Banking o­n Jihad," appears in investigative journalist Lucy Komisar's new book "A Game as Old as Empire," just published by Berrett-Koehler (San Francisco).

Now the tinfoil hat part comes here. You can't link to the post. Fluke? Mistake? Conspiracy? Who knows.

We post, you make up your own mind.

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Please stop throwing the fucking dictionary at us

This goes out to bloggers and commenters alike, but to the alpha dogs in particular. Make your point and stop. We have limited time and severe concentration problems out here, people.

If you can't make your case in a maximum of 10 short, concise paragraphs you are wasting words some deprived child in Africa could use. Read what you wrote and try to cut it back to no more than half.

I fall back on my favorite seven word sentence.

Give me liberty or give me death.

I would say more, but...

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I don't get it

Why in hell would Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly draw more traffic than monkey sex or panties?

What is wrong with this world?

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Quick hit

Jesus H Christ on a surf board, Faux News is still flogging Anna Nicole's body.

That channel is like a dog with a bone. Once they get their teeth on a story, they can't drop it and move on.

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This is not my style

I rarely (read almost never) link to the alpha dogs. They hardly need my traffic to survive, but I can't ignore the good stuff. To wit Digby. These two posts are long and extremely good.

Post one. On voter suppression.

Post two. On theocracy.

You're welcome

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A great quote

Friday, April 06, 2007

I extend my fucking apologies

It seems my vocabulary has deteriorated. Not my complete vocabulary which has always been pathetic, but my profanity vocabulary. Its pretty much spiraled down to fuck.

This is because fuck is an easy word, along with its variants, to use.

I know the word fornicate and could use it, but reserve it for James Wolcott and Roger Ailes (the good one) when they feel the need to reduce themselves part way down to my level of depravity.

Besides, fornicate Bush just doesn't have the impact I need. No pun intended.

Fucking hell. I'll just press on with what I fucking have.

I have officially become unemployable by any serious political candidate. FUCK! I hate it when that happens.

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Wait and you will receive

I've been so fucking waiting for this so I could use the picture. Life is good.
Man: Wow, you sure travel light.
Lady suit carrying only a laptop case and purse: Yeah, that's what happens when they fucking lose your luggage.

--Taxi line, JFK

(via Overheard in New York)

I think I got the picture from Jonco. If not, no matter. He gets the credit. Hey, Google™ him you lazy ass. I'm busy here.

Seriously, I have no idea where the picture came from and apologize to the site I stole it from. I kinda try to attribute anything I post if not my own.

However, one must bow to the person who is so good at Photoshop® they could make that graphic. We're not worthy.

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A great quote

A great quote

U.S. Department Of Labor Announces Competitions for $3.6 Million in Funding for Grassroots Organizations

Although commendable the government is trying to help people who need government's help, what the fuck is this faith-based shit? Jesus H Christ on welfare. Is there absolutely no separation between church and state now? Is that what Americans want? Well, not this one.
The U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration today announced two competitions for grants totaling $3.6 million for faith-based and community organizations to help members of hard-to-serve populations prepare for and succeed in employment.

And what's with that fucking headline? Grassroots organizations? Faith-based organizations are de facto grassroots?

I'm all for pouring millions into Oxfam and other NGOs, but not church sponsored charities which is what "faith-based" means.

The fucking churches pay no taxes even when they endorse or attack political candidates and then they're paid tax money to promote their agendas which almost always include proselytizing. To hell with that.

And, based on the past, the "faith" will be Christian and not Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or any other "faith".

I always tie back into the picture. Its my commitment to my readers. Hahaha.

(read more)

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Too kewl

It is so kewl to know someone in Istanbul is reading SPIIDERWEB™.

I love the internets tubes!

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A great quote

I'm not great, but I steal from those who are

Riffing on the following, I will be posting great quotes.

"When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it."

-- Anatole France

Yeah, it may mean I'll plagiarize too, but not often. I promise, but always with adequate accreditation unless I fuck up.

My first quote.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal."

-- Pablo Picasso

And don't think for a minute I'm not a great artist.


From whence they come?

WARNING: LINK NSFW! I strongly suggest you not go to the link even at home.

I had a visitor who came from porn addict diaries.

There is nothing I could find there to indicate how they got here.


support the troops, diss a hippie

our buddy allison of blah3 forwarded us a link to this blog, which is extolling all americans to party hearty on july 7 (lucky number 7-7-07), to prove to the troops that america is behind them and their mission:

You can tell by the lack of capital letters, this isn't my doing, but hey, this post isn't as easy as it looks.

(via skippy)

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Must read IMHO

Not just IMHO, but in Jill's too.

The attack on civil rights.

So you have two recommendations now.

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Warm welcome greets freed British crew

So these 15 British sailors and marines move in and free London from...

Oops. I was confusing this warm welcome with the one the coalition forces got in Baghdad. Excuse me.
With champagne bottles popping, a Royal Navy crew celebrated at home Thursday after nearly two weeks in Iranian captivity, hugging tearful relatives as Britons expressed outraged that the team was used by Tehran for propaganda.

While much of the country rallied behind the crew's return, others criticized them for offering apologies where none was required — namely for appearing in videos in which they admitted and offered regrets for entering Iranian waters.

Defense officials sought quash the criticism and said that none of the sailors and marines will be punished for making the apologies.[emphasis mine]

They hadn't fucking better punish these people. Goddamn it, they were doing what they had to in order to live and not be treated like chickens whose heads are lopped off.

And as for the critics of their apologies, what in hell would you have done you miserable sots? Shut the fuck up.

Rant over.

(read more)

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I learn something new every fucking day

The Hatfields

I do believe you will see in my masthead I professed an inclination toward eclecticism.

I hate you because...because I hate you and I have hate sickness and you're ugly and isn't that my pig? BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
The most infamous feud in American folklore, the long-running battle between the Hatfields and McCoys, may be partly explained by a rare, inherited disease that can lead to hair-trigger rage and violent outbursts.

Dozens of McCoy descendants apparently have the disease, which causes high blood pressure, racing hearts, severe headaches and too much adrenaline and other "fight or flight" stress hormones.

No one blames the whole feud on this, but doctors say it could help explain some of the clan's notorious behavior.

"This condition can certainly make anybody short-tempered, and if they are prone because of their personality, it can add fuel to the fire," said Dr. Revi Mathew, a Vanderbilt University endocrinologist treating one of the family members.

The Hatfields and McCoys have a storied and deadly history dating to Civil War times. Their generations of fighting over land, timber rights and even a pig are the subject of dozens of books, songs and countless jokes. Unfortunately for Appalachia, the feud is one of its greatest sources of fame.

Several genetic experts have known about the disease plaguing some of the McCoys for decades, but kept it secret. The Associated Press learned of it after several family members revealed their history to Vanderbilt doctors, who are trying to find more McCoy relatives to warn them of the risk.

One doctor who had researched the family for decades called them the "McC kindred" in a 1998 medical journal article tracing the disease through four generations.

"He said something about us never being able to get insurance" if the full family name was used, said Rita Reynolds, a Bristol, Tenn., woman with the disease. She says she is a McCoy descendant and has documents from the doctor showing his work on her family.

She is speaking up now so distant relatives might realize their risk and get help before the condition proves fatal, as it did to many of her ancestors.

Back then, "we didn't even know this existed," she said. "They just up and died."

Von Hippel-Lindau disease, which afflicts many family members, can cause tumors in the eyes, ears, pancreas, kidney, brain and spine. Roughly three-fourths of the affected McCoys have pheochromocytomas — tumors of the adrenal gland.

The McCoys

Sorry, but I couldn't find an older photo of the McCoy clan. The feud started long before these people came along. Note the lack of fire power.

Now to be serious for a moment. Isn't this something which should be tested for in violent criminals? I've known people throughout life who were unnaturally violent. There seemed little to no provocation for their violent outbursts. My father comes to mind.

Hey, maybe he changed his name. Never thought of that. But I thought only my maternal ancestors were from Appalachia. Hmmm, something to cogitate about.

OK, further research. Unlikely for me because of my inherent laziness, but done none the less.
The prognosis for patients with VHL depends on the location and complications of the tumors. Untreated, VHL may result in blindness and/or permanent brain damage [emphasis mine].

No problem. My father had it and so do I. So shut the fuck up!

(read more)

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Over 70 injured as Paris train hits buffer

This is bizarre and I can't wait to find out the whole story. Apparently* the buffer is at the end of the rails. How in hell does the engineer not stop? He runs the train into a barricade at the end of the fucking tracks?
More than 70 people were injured on Thursday when a train carrying hundreds of rush-hour commuters hit the rail buffer of a Paris station, firefighters said.

The driver was held for questioning by police after the nine-carriage train carrying 600 passengers hit the buffer as it pulled into the Gare de l'Est station, in eastern Paris.

A doctor with the Paris firefighters' service said 71 people were injured, 58 of whom were taken to a dozen hospitals around the capital.

Paris police chief Pierre Mutz went to the Gare de L'Est to oversee an emergency operation in which 115 firefighters and rescue officials were dispatched to the station.

The regional train from Chateau-Thierry, east of Paris, was travelling at slow speed but a commuter told AFP that the impact was still "very strong" and passengers were thrown to the floor.

I'm making light of this incident, but imagine you are standing on that train. Its traveling at say 10mph (16kph) and suddenly you are going 10mph (16kph) and the train ain't. W00t!!!1!!

Damn! I made light of it again. Trust me, I wouldn't be doing so if anyone were seriously injured or killed. All reports I've read indicated injuries were minor.

But it gets worse. The train hit the buffer and is now going backward at say, 4mph (6kph).

Math question: A train arrives in Paris going 10mph (16kph) and hits a buffer. It is now traveling at 4mph (6kph) in the opposite direction.

What is the combined speed at which a passenger will hit an immovable object in the rail car?

Extra credit: At what combined speed will a passenger impact another passenger?

Extra extra credit: Was that other passenger a member of the opposite sex?

Extra extra extra credit: Was it good for you?

Extra extra extra extra credit: What was she/he wearing?

Jesus H Christ made of chocolate, why can't I drop this subject?


*Code word for "as I understand it".

(read more)

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U.S. Republican meets Assad day after contentious Pelosi visit

Sic 'em, Bush. And just watch all the wingers jump on Issa.
A visiting U.S. congressman held talks with President Bashar Assad Thursday, a day after a congressional delegation headed by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked controversy by meeting the Syrian leader.

U.S. President George W. Bush has rejected direct talks with Damascus and criticized Pelosi for her visit.

Commenting on Bush's criticism, California Republican Darrell Issa [said visiting Republican] said the president had failed to promote the necessary dialogue to resolve disagreements between the U.S. and Syria.

And that ignores the visit, reported in the WaPo on April 1.
U.S. House members meeting with President Bashar Assad Sunday said they believed there was an opportunity for dialogue with the Syrian leadership.

The U.S. House members, who included Virginia Republican Frank Wolf, Pennsylvania Republican Joe Pitts and Alabama Republican Robert Aderholt, also said they had raised with Syrian officials the issue of stopping the alleged flow of foreign fighters from Syria to Iraq.

April 1 would of course be before Pelosi's visit. Hmmm.

Such hypocrisy on Bush's part is to be expected. Such hypocrisy on the winger's part is to be expected. So why am I posting about this? Its just business as usual, right?

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blair accuses Iran after four troops killed

Is the poodle taking orders from Bush directly now? Let's see, the capture of 15 sailors and marines didn't work out too well as provocation. So let's accuse Iran of kinda, sorta causing the deaths of four Brits.
Tony Blair accused “elements” from within the Iranian regime of sponsoring terrorism in Iraq after a bomb attack today killed four British soldiers.

The prime minister issued a sober statement on the steps of Downing Street following the troop deaths which coincided with the arrival back into Britain of 15 naval personnel seized by Iran.

Although he said Britain “rejoiced” at the return of the abducted sailors, he called the troop deaths in a roadside bomb blast in Basra – which is only ten miles from the Iranian border - a “terrorist act” and insisted Iran was guilty of “backing, financing, arming" terrorism in Iraq.

Mr Blair stopped short of accusing Iran of direct involvement in the latest deaths, which bring the number of British troops killed in Iraq to 140. However, Britain has frequently blamed Iranian agents for organising and funding attacks on coalition troops.

Common courtesy would have Blair saying absolutely nothing negative about Iran for a day or two and thanking Mahmoud Ahmedinejad effusively for releasing the 15 soldiers and marines.

(read more)

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Oil prices rise as US motor fuel reserves plummet

Now how in hell could this happen? There's an oil man in the WH. Oh yeah, the oil man is Bush. Stupid question.
World oil prices rose on Thursday after a massive plunge in US motor fuel reserves, but gains were capped after Iran freed 15 seized British military personnel.


The US Department of Energy had revealed Wednesday that US gasoline reserves plummeted by five million barrels last week -- far more than market expectations for a drop of just 300,000 barrels.

As an aside. You all have probably seen an oil drum. Now imagine five million of those suckers in one week. And that's on top of the several million barrels we bought. Boggles the mind.

(read more)

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Now its startiing to get a little dicey

I'm all for stem cell research and in fact think it tantamount to criminal to deny funding for it and deny access to any sources of stem cells, but...
Patients with currently incurable nervous system diseases will miss out on potentially life-saving new treatments if plans to ban experiments using part-human, part-animal embryos go ahead, according to a committee of MPs.

It seems to me its about time for the bio-ethicists to really decide just where this research should be going. [P]art-human, part-animal embryos is getting a little too Island of Dr. Moreau for me. That may well be my ignorance showing, but I've not read anything about the ramifications of such research other than benefits.

And I have no idea for what period of time such hybrids would be allowed to grow. My assumption is it is for a very short period of time and then the hybrids would be destroyed.

So all you Beauty and the Beast fans just relax. I seriously doubt the Beasts are being created.

(read more)

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I stole this whole post from Kevin Drum including the headline. Thanks Kevin. Steal from me anytime you feel desperate.
From our friends at EPI, here's our chart of the day. It compares the current economic expansion with past economic expansions.

Basically, everything sucks. GDP growth has been mediocre, employment growth has been terrible, and investment in equipment and software has been pitiful. And of course, we already know that median wages have been completely flat. The average worker has gained exactly nothing from five years of economic growth.

But guess what? One sector of the economy has gone like gangbusters: corporate profits. Even skyrocketing executive pay hasn't been enough to make a dent. Good times indeed.

If you're a corporation, that is. If you're not, then not so much. And if you think this is just a coincidence, you haven't been paying attention.

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Eritrea bans female circumcision

This is all I have on the story. I've found it a couple places, but neither link worked for me. My problems continue.

But its good news none the less. Its one more country showing some civility toward young girls and I applaud them.
Eritrea has banned female circumcision, a life-threatening tradition that aid groups say afflicts some 90 percent of the country's women.

It says women in the story, but my understanding is this is done when they are small girls. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about that.

I'll provide the link. It may work for you.

(read more)

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Hail the might hunter: Mitt Romney

According to Mitt, he knows hunting.
"I've been a hunter pretty much all my life."

Just what does he mean by that?
"I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I've been a hunter pretty much all my life," he told a man sporting a National Rifle Association cap.

Yet the former Massachusetts governor's hunting experience came during two trips at the bookends of his 60 years: as a 15-year-old, when he hunted rabbits with his cousins on a ranch in Idaho, and last year, when he shot quail on a fenced game preserve in Georgia.

OK, so he's basically lying. Nothing new there. But...

Notice the "big game" he went after. He's hunted small caged birds and bunny rabbits. Bet he and ol' Papa Hemingway could have had a grand old time discussing their hunting exploits.

Ya can't make this shit up. Its too bizarre.

OMG! I forgot my Monty Python.

(read more)

H/T the Plank


Think Enron

And then read this little article. This little item especially brings to mind Enron.
Encourage auditors to use their own judgment in the process.

Yeah, we know how well that works.

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ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran

Does this sound at all familiar? Uh, South America during Ronnie's reign come to mind?
A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News.

The group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran.

It has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials.

U.S. officials say the U.S. relationship with Jundullah is arranged so that the U.S. provides no funding to the group, which would require an official presidential order or "finding" as well as congressional oversight.

I like that little punt of "no funding" information. Hehe, we aren't officially financing terrorists.

And doesn't the leader of this group of fucking thugs and murders sound like a charming fellow?
"He used to fight with the Taliban. He's part drug smuggler , part Taliban, part Sunni activist," said Alexis Debat, a senior fellow on counterterrorism at the Nixon Center and an ABC News consultant who recently met with Pakistani officials and tribal members.

"Regi is essentially commanding a force of several hundred guerrilla fighters that stage attacks across the border into Iran on Iranian military officers, Iranian intelligence officers, kidnapping them, executing them on camera," Debat said.

Yeah, I'd sure love to sit down and have a nice cold one with that sophisticated gentleman.

Now here's an area of real repugnance, Bushco is letting a drug smuggling Taliban member (a group we're fighting) act as judge and jury, or the CIA fills those rolls, and executioner. These murdered people have not been found guilty by any court of law.

One last shot here. How in hell do the hyenas in the Bush administration live with themselves? We won't talk to Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Syria or Iran because they are all terrorists or terrorist supporters. Just forget we have our own terrorists. Ours are on the side of truth, justice and democracy.

I have another last shot. Call it one for the road. Did you catch that little "executing them on camera" bit? The Bush administration is condoning the making of fucking snuff films. They're probably duplicated and couriered to Cheney nightly so he can get all excited. Disgusting!

Sure makes ya feel proud of yer ol' government doesn't it.

(read more)

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They're free!

The world dodged another bullet. And once again, Ahmadinejad has proven he does what he says he will.
Fifteen British sailors freed by Iran were flying home to London on Thursday, jubilant and relieved at the dramatic end to their two-week ordeal that had triggered a tense international standoff.

The sailors and marines left Tehran on a British Airways flight 14 days after they were seized by Iranian forces in the northern Gulf accused of violating Iranian territorial waters.

Their departure wraps up a rapid succession of events that began when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday abruptly deflated the escalating diplomatic crisis by pardoning them as a "gift" to the British people.

"I was so happy that I was not able to sleep all night," said one of the commanders, Felix Carman, quoted on Iranian state television.

(read more)

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I said I'd give my LEFT testicle...

I admit I have a horrid sense of humor, but this is just funny. Wouldn't be if I'd been involved of course.
An Air Force veteran has filed a federal claim after an operation at a Veterans Administration hospital in which a healthy testicle was removed instead of a potentially cancerous one.

Benjamin Houghton, 47, was to have had his left testicle removed June 14 at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center because there was a chance it could harbor cancer cells. It also was atrophied and painful.

But doctors mistakenly removed the right testicle, according to medical records and the claim, which seeks $200,000 for future care and unspecified damages. He still hasn't had the other testicle removed.

Aren't you glad I didn't post a pic?

(read more)


Fidel Castro health watch

He seems more and more alive every day.
Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday warned of a possible U.S. invasion of Iran.

(read more)


New Poll Reveals Global Economy's Impact on Working America; Rising Anger and Anxiety Over Corporate Behavior, Government Inaction

American's are slowly waking up to reality rather than just listening the the cheerleader-in-chief. Read the whole release and find out what 80% agree on.
Economic conditions for workers are deteriorating so dramatically in the new American economy that an overwhelming majority, nearly 70 percent, now say that basic security -- not opportunity -- is their number one concern, according to a new survey released today. The finding is a stunning reflection of the anxiety, anger and demand for action rising in Working America in the global economy.


The survey indicates workers see few opportunities for good jobs while they face the financial insecurity of rising health care costs, the elimination of pensions, the outsourcing of jobs, and wages falling behind living costs. But in addition to the concerns, it also showed that workers are remarkably united in their hopes, ideas, and solutions for the future on the critical issues of the workplace, a consensus that remains intact regardless of age, gender, geography, ethnicity, country of origin, and education.

They still hold out hope for improvement and opportunity, but definitely believe government must take action.

How much more incentive do the Dems need before they start acting like Dems and start helping Americans? They aren't doing all they can to get US out of Iraq, they aren't doing anything to fight global warming and they certainly aren't doing much to curb big business' predatory assault on US jobs and workers. Meanwhile the public is pleading for help.

The Dems have a year and a half to convince the voters they are fixing and can continue to fix these problems. If they do, they'll smash the GOP in '08. If they don't, then why would undecideds go for them? And they certainly won't win over any GOP workers. Why throw out your GOP Congress critter if you don't expect anything better from a Dem?

There's another factor in play here. Even if the Dems don't have enough votes to pass needed legislation, put it out there for the public to see. Let the GOP be the spoilers. The public will quickly realize they'll get what they want once they back the Dem agenda, their agenda, with their votes.

(read more)

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Damn I hate "friendly fire"

Its bad enough having to take on the insurgents without having to worry about getting hit by or hitting your own people.
The Department of Defense announced February 5th the death of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. They died Feb. 2 in Ramadi, Iraq, of injuries sustained when they came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire. [SIC] On April 4, 2007 the Army announced an ongoing unit-level investigation into the circumstances of the soldiers' deaths and that friendly fire is suspected.

Spc. Alan E. McPeek, 20, of Tucson, Ariz. McPeek was assigned to the 16th Engineer Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Giessen, Germany.

Pvt. Matthew T. Zeimer, 18, of Glendive, Mont. McPeek was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga.

Urban warfare is incredibly nasty.

That's the whole news release from DOD.

H/T Casualty Count News.

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Which is Bush?


I'm back

Been gone a couple days, but I took this kewl picture for ya.

My problems definitely are partially caused by this PC, but things are going a little better. Enough better that I think I can start posting again.

Oh yeah. No! I won't share my secret of how I got to the moon and back in two days wearing only shorts and flip-flops. So don't even ask.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Another one.

Nothing is working right at this time. I don't know if its my computer or not, but I'm too tired of fighting it all.

I'll be back in a couple days and see if things are still screwed up. If they are, its likely my computer is screwing me which will really be a problem. I can't afford to replace it.

Use this as an extended open thread for now.


What has Bush wrought?

I'm thinking about putting together a list of atrocities/insults fostered upon the American public and the world at large by George W Bush. I would like assistance from any readers, especially from foreign readers of SPIIDERWEB™ who often know more about the US than do its citizens.

I'll get you started.

  • Eliminated the protection of habeas corpus
  • Destroyed America's stature throughout the world
  • Condoned torture
  • Spied on American and foreign citizens
  • Illegally invaded a foreign country
  • Allowed kidnapping of foreign nationals
  • Raped the American public with tax breaks for the wealthy
  • Ignored the plight of the people of New Orleans after Katrina
  • Appointed complete incompetents to federal posts
  • Installed his "loyal Bushies" to many sensitive positions
  • Lied
  • Sent captives to countries known for administering torture
  • Ignored the real source of the 9/11 attacks
  • Destroyed the reputations of federal attorneys of the US
  • Decimated the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Ruined NASA
  • Ignored warnings of global warming
  • Refused to increase limits on carbon emissions
  • Gave out many exorbitant no-bit contracts to cronies
  • Stole at least one election
  • Ignored laws made by Congress via signing statements
  • Punished anyone who would not toe the Bush line
  • Allowed oil companies to set US energy policy
  • Killed thousands of innocent Iraqis
  • Killed thousands of innocent Afghans
  • Turned Iran, NKorea and other countries into dangerous foes
  • Destroyed the US Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Installed himself as dictator of the US and the world
  • Ruined the US economy
  • Sent mentally challenged US troops into battle
  • Spent more than the US's monetary surplus
  • Mortgaged your children's and grand children's future
  • Ignored the Geneva Convention
  • Stacked the SCOTUS with partisan hacks
  • Lined the pockets of his contributors
  • Gave huge rebates to big oil companies
  • Created a fertile stage for terrorist recruiting and action
  • Has often looked stupid
  • Insulted Germany's Merkel and other dignitaries
  • Sent ill-equipped US troops into battle
  • Allowed returning troops to be mistreated by VA
  • Put politics above American's interests and needs
  • Did I mention he lied...repeatedly?
  • Refused to correct problems in his administration
  • Decided its quite proper to detain Americans without access to courts and without formal charges
  • Ignored warnings an al-Qaeda attack on the US was imminent
  • Manufactured evidence to support his desire for imperialism
  • Never attended one funeral for a fallen US soldier
I'm sure there are many more things I've missed. This is just a "few" off the top of my head. Please help me out here. I want to compile the definitive list of things Bush has foisted upon everyone. It can be a reference source and you can be part of it all.

If you add your items in the comments, I'll do my best to remember to give you credit. But don't bet on it because I'm too lazy to be so organized.


Ya gotta have friends

Most hits here come from Google™ searches on words and most visitors are probably disappointed when "monkey sex" doesn't produce the site they're really after.

But some of my visitors come from other sites which reference me and I'm thankful. Here are a few of the latest ones. I suggest you visit them. They are good folks.


And finally we have the punkassblog. I have no idea how someone got to my site via punkassblog. I've been to it several times and can find no link to SPIIDERWEB™.

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Sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut.
A self-important college freshman attending a recent football game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation.

"You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one," the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby to hear. "The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, men walking on the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing , and..." he then paused to take another drink of beer.

The senior gentleman took advantage of the break in the student's litany and said, "You're right, son. We didn't have those things when we were young........ So we invented them. Now, you arrogant little shit, what are you doing for the next generation?"

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Due credit

I went off half-cocked about the pet food problem and how the government didn't seem interested in investigating. I'm embarrassed. They did investigate and found the US companies to be innocent.

That isn't snark, BTW. Sometimes government agencies do the right thing.

And, taking my info from the exalted MSM (Money-grubbing Succubus Media), I reported the lethal ingredient in the pet food was rat poison which we now know is not true.

Man I should never have touched this fucking story.

Now, please make sure the contaminated wheat gluten isn't in human foods. Please!
The U.S. is blocking imports of wheat gluten from a company in China, acting after an investigation implicated the contaminated ingredient in the recent pet-food deaths of cats and dogs.

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Tick, tick, tick...

Is that a light I see at the end of this tunnel?

Andrea Mitchell on the Chris Matthews Show:
I think the Republicans are going to crack. What I’ve been told from inside the moderate center of the Republican caucus is that the vote in favor of the president this week — it was against the president but the Republicans holding for the president — was misleading. That they really are not in favor of the surge. They don’t believe it’s going to work. But they basically said the president has until August, until Labor Day. After that, if it doesn’t work, they’re running.


MITCHELL: They’ll stick until September and then they’ll leave. I believe very firmly that they’re against what he is doing but they feel that General Petraeus has persuaded them that for all intents and purposes, they can’t vote a withdrawal before September.

One needs to be cautious with one's elation, but perhaps sanity is slowly invading Washington DC.

Most Americans don't believe they've sent an utter fool to represent them in Congress regardless of political party, but sometimes it seems they have. Maybe now the fools are slowly getting wiser and will do the right thing.

Or maybe this is to you're liking. Fool, idiot, all the same, right?

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Blog Against Theocracy

For your consideration.

You might want to check out Blog Against Theocracy.


Who isn't running for President?

OK, now Al Goldstein has declared his candidacy. This is on the heels Tommy Thompson. Not to mention Fred Thompson who has yet to declare. Oops, I did mention Fred.

So that leaves who not running? Perhaps a librarian in Idaho and a hotel manager in Atlanta? Oh yeah, and SPIIDERWEB™. I'm still considering entering the race. I know it would be late, but you might be surprised how quickly I can gain momentum.

At this point we should consider any politician as a Presidential hopeful.

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10 Reasons You Aren’t Rich

This list is all over the place. Its in blogs and news and probably painted on walls. But it is too complicated for my pea brain.

Why You Aren't Rich boils down to one thing or, at least, it does for me. This is because Occam's Razor applies. Which states roughly all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.
I'm not rich because I spend all of my income to survive. No mystery there.

I will admit to the "having bad habits" charge (No. 3). I do and don't intend to give them up. You cretins can try to stop my smoking and other horrid habits, but you'll never defeat me.

(the list)


Must read IMHO

Its a short, important post at rangeragainstwar.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Obama says Congress will fund Iraq war after expected Bush veto

If this is an example of Obama's intelligence, he doesn't deserve to be a Senator let alone President. He's offering Bush the spending bill he wants on a silver platter.
If President Bush vetoes an Iraq war spending bill as promised, Congress quickly will provide the money without the withdrawal timeline the White House objects to because no lawmaker “wants to play chicken with our troops,” Sen. Barack Obama said Sunday.

“My expectation is that we will continue to try to ratchet up the pressure on the president to change course,” the Democratic presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I don't think that we will see a majority of the Senate vote to cut off funding at this stage.”

Obama, D-Ill., has made his opposition to the war a centerpiece of his campaign and has used it to differentiate himself from rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., who voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

In effect he's saying, "So sorry, Bush. Just continue to act like a petulant five year old and veto this bill. We'll acquiesce and give you what you want." Fuck! That isn't even good parenting.

"OK, Johnny, I know you don't want to eat your spinach, but keep refusing and you won't have to eat it."

The ass is campaigning here. Its all posturing. He's saying he opposes the war, but is telling Bush not to worry. Anything Bush wants he'll get. Some opposition.

I've not been a big fan of Obama's. There are more qualified Dems available and Obama's appeal is the equivalent of an American Idol. He isn't deep-down opposed to the war. Its a political game. Watch what he says and read between the lines. He's no more anti-war than Bush.

Obama does deserve some credit. He's a very good politician. He knows how to play and win the game. All the contenders are playing this game, but he comes off to me as more ingenuous than most. Should he be the nominee and be elected, I hope I can eat my words.

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God’s Numbers

Image found with
Google™ image search
for "atheist blogger"

From Newsweek we learn 91 percent of American adults surveyed believe in God. And only 3 percent claim to be atheists.
A belief in God and an identification with an organized religion are widespread throughout the country, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll. Nine in 10 (91 percent) of American adults say they believe in God and almost as many (87 percent) say they identify with a specific religion. Christians far outnumber members of any other faith in the country, with 82 percent of the poll’s respondents identifying themselves as such. Another 5 percent say they follow a non-Christian faith, such as Judaism or Islam. Nearly half (48 percent) of the public rejects the scientific theory of evolution; one-third (34 percent) of college graduates say they accept the Biblical account of creation as fact. Seventy-three percent of Evangelical Protestants say they believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years; 39 percent of non-Evangelical Protestants and 41 percent of Catholics agree with that view.


Although one in ten (10 percent) of Americans identify themselves as having "no religion," only six percent said they don’t believe in a God at all. Just 3 percent of the public self-identifies as atheist, suggesting that the term may carry some stigma. Still, the poll suggests that the public’s tolerance of this small minority has increased in recent years. Nearly half (47 percent) of the respondents felt the country is more accepting of atheists today that it used to be and slightly more (49 percent) reported personally knowing an atheist.

What I don't understand is why they didn't take the poll a little further. I'm sure they would have found among the 3 percent who say they are atheists , 99 percent have a blog.

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One-third of prosector posts went to Bush insiders

Now this here's news, folks. Big news and you found it here.
About one-third of the nearly four dozen U.S. attorney's jobs that have changed hands since President Bush began his second term have been filled by the White House and the Justice Department with trusted administration insiders.

The people chosen as chief federal prosecutors on a temporary or permanent basis since early 2005 include 10 senior aides to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, according to an analysis of government records. Several came from the White House or other government agencies. Some lacked experience as prosecutors or had no connection to the districts in which they were sent to work, the records and biographical information show.

Why you may ask is this big news? I'll tell you why. That means Bush didn't appoint "loyal Bushies" to about two-thirds of the positions. HE BLEW IT!

Sorry I'm so imprecise there, but I had "About one-third..." and "...nearly four dozen..." as my facts from the story. Why can't the pros do better than that?

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Call that humiliation?

I was just about to put in my 2¢ on this British Navy personnel who the Iranians have captured. And I ran into this gem.
I share the outrage expressed in the British press over the treatment of our naval personnel accused by Iran of illegally entering their waters. It is a disgrace. We would never dream of treating captives like this - allowing them to smoke cigarettes, for example, even though it has been proven that smoking kills. And as for compelling poor servicewoman Faye Turney to wear a black headscarf, and then allowing the picture to be posted around the world - have the Iranians no concept of civilised behaviour? For God's sake, what's wrong with putting a bag over her head? That's what we do with the Muslims we capture: we put bags over their heads, so it's hard to breathe. Then it's perfectly acceptable to take photographs of them and circulate them to the press because the captives can't be recognised and humiliated in the way these unfortunate British service people are.

The above picture is obviously staged. Nice curtains, furniture, flowers and fruit bowl on the table. Its like home.

My take is the three look concerned, as they should in such a situation, but they don't look frightened, broken or even horribly stressed. But then its only a photo.

This is from the British press. This is the outrageous treatment Jones is talking about.

This is a picture used on a British magazine cover.

This is the most damaging picture I could find of detainees held by Iran. Pretty tame in comparison to the above.

Note how clean that room is. Compared to pictures I've seen from Gitmo, this looks like an operating theater.

Addendum: Yeah, I realize that last photo could also be a staged event. But if you're going to go to the trouble of showing the detainees staged, why would you show something even this severe? I'd stay with the comfy living room scene if I were staging it.

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McCain in Iraq

It would seem to me that a former service man would realize a decent sniper could easily kill him with his vest's being worn so low. What were he and the soldiers around him thinking?

That vest should be clear up to his throat. Worn the way it shows in the photo it provides minimal protection, especially from someone firing downward from a roof top.

With all the security around him, the sniper undoubtedly would be killed, but they are suicidal fighters...remember?

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There have been days...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bush against expanded child health insurance

Maybe Bush is all for No Child Left Behind unless its left behind to wither and die. Or at the very least go without the medical treatment allowing them to live a decent life.
The Bush administration says it will strenuously resist Democratic plans for a threefold expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program, ensuring a clash with Congress over the most important health care legislation being considered this year.

Administration officials said that much of the new government coverage proposed by Democrats would simply replace private insurance, and they expressed concern about a sharp increase in the proportion of children covered by public programs in the last decade.

Dennis G. Smith, the federal official in charge of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program, said 45 percent of all children were now covered by the two programs, up from 28 percent in 1998.

I'm not sure if Smith is bragging about that 45%, but I sure as hell wouldn't. It means the government of the world's richest country doesn't care about most of its children.

The Dems want to spend $75 billion over the next five years. Of course Bush wants to spend that $75 billion on 7 more months of delivering death in the Mid-East. In either case, death is involved and I would prefer it not be our children, our troops nor innocent Iraqis.

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Feeling secure? Well don't #15

Its been quite a while since I've done one of these posts. That was back in December 2006. I was overdue.
The office in charge of protecting American technical secrets about nuclear weapons from foreign spies is missing 20 desktop computers, at least 14 of which have been used for classified information, the Energy Department inspector general reported Friday.

This is the 13th time in a little over four years that an audit has found the department, whose national laboratories and factories do most of the work in designing and building nuclear warheads, has lost control over computers used in working on the bombs.

Aside from computers it cannot find, the department is also using computers not listed in its inventory, and one computer listed as destroyed was in fact being used, the audit said.

"Problems with the control and accountability of desktop and laptop computers have plagued the department for a number of years," the report said.

I posted about this exact same problem in "Feeling secure? Well don't #8" back in June 2006.

They don't learn. Audits are supposed to result in improved practices to ensure good audits in the future as well as increased national security. I'd say its time for heads to roll.

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Is surge working? US commanders hail fall in Baghdad killings

Hahaha. Just after I post about the lack of question marks in news headlines, I post one.

But much more seriously...
US military commanders in Iraq have accused insurgents of using children in suicide bombings and staging poison gas attacks in a campaign to undermine the month-old security "surge" in Baghdad and Anbar province.

The clampdown in the capital is credited with bringing a sharp reduction in civilian deaths in recent weeks, even though the number of attacks has remained fairly constant. "There are tanks and Humvees on every street corner," said an independent observer who returned from Baghdad last week. "There is a real change of atmosphere from earlier this year, before the operation began." According to David Kilcullen, senior counter-insurgency adviser to General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, heightened security has forced suicide bombers to detonate their devices at checkpoints well away from targets such as markets and other public gatherings, "killing far fewer people than intended, and far fewer than in similar attacks last year"

However, the story continues to say some of the bombs didn't explode. Which means they're still being planted and could have exploded to bring the death toll higher. My guess is, the insurgents can't train bombers to competence as fast as they're recruiting them.

Anyway, how does that fit with this story?
The Iraqi government yesterday raised its estimate of the death toll in a truck bombing in the northern town of Tal Afar on Tuesday to 152, making it the deadliest single bombing of the four-year-old war.

Both stories are from the on the same day.

Sure sounds like the SURGE™ is a resounding success. They are juggling the numbers. Even if total deaths are down in Baghdad, it seems one attack elsewhere which is the most destructive to date mean things aren't working out.

Ever squeeze a balloon? Of course you can reduce the air (destruction) in one part of the balloon (Iraq), but the air just moves to another part of the balloon. You aren't gaining anything.

Everyone knows the insurgents have moved operations out of Baghdad until the heat's off. That doesn't mean they're slowing down their operations. What it means is new groups of Iraqis are now in far more danger than they were before the SURGE™.

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Is there a bug going around?

Before I get started, ever notice how bloggers (plural) may use question marks (plural) in headlines (plural) even though they almost don't exist in news* headlines (plural)?

Now that I've prepared you for a lesson in punctuation, let's (contraction) get on with it.

I've been seeing a rash of news* stories (plural), blog posts (plural) and comments (plural) where the possessive case is* ignored. I would estimate over the last few hours (plural) at least 20% of the links (plural) I've accessed have had at least one such problem.

I shall give examples (plural), but no attributions (plural) because I don't want to embarrass* anyone. And I might add I'm not great at punctuation, but the missing apostrophes (plural) stand out like Great Danes (plural) at a cat show to me.
Here is Jib Jabs (plural) take on our current news* situation.

That should be Jab's (possessive), not Jabs (plural). This* isn't a case of adding an S to pluralize a word.

A good rule of thumb is* whenever you have a singular word and add an S there's (contraction) a good chance you are trying to make the word possessive and you need an apostrophe before the S.

OK, for Clinton adding an S might mean you are referring to two people named Clinton, but if the word "the" is* not in front of the word Clinton you probably also mean the possessive.
The Clintons (plural)
Clinton's campaign (possessive)
The Clintons' (plural possessive)

Pluralization is* probably never a factor with McCain. So adding an S most certainly means* it should be possessive.
McCains (plural) run for the White House...

This is* undoubtedly the possessive and should be McCain's (possessive) run for the White House...

Of course, if the word is* already plural and ends* in S the apostrophe belongs* after the S.
The countries' (plural possessive) abilities (plural) to wage war are limited.

That should cover most of the more common instances (plural) of possessive case.

Believe me, if this* stuff is* easy enough for me, anyone out there should be able to handle it. What was* surprisingly not easy was* writing this* post.

BTW, just finished this* post as* the guys (plural) in the white coats (plural) opened the door. Bwahahaha.

* S was* not added, but is* how the word is* spelled.

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U.S. toll in March is twice Iraq forces

Are the Iraqis stepping up or stepping back? I'm going with back.
The U.S. military death toll in March, the first full month of the security crackdown, was nearly twice that of the Iraqi army, which American and Iraqi officials say is taking the leading role in the latest attempt to curb violence in the capital, surrounding cities and Anbar province, according to figures compiled on Saturday.

I'm being somewhat facetious here because the story lists 81 US military deaths as opposed to 44 Iraqi Army deaths which makes that headline off just a bit because it isn't the forces, but rather the army and twice 44 ain't 81. But then it goes on to state 165 Iraqi police were killed, many of them operating as paramilitary fighters.

I would argue anyone fighting for the Iraqi government falls under the category Iraq forces.

Totally off topic, but why do reporters write about the US Army, but write about the Iraqi army without the capital letter? Are they any less noble nor deserving of respect because they aren't in one of our uniforms?

And while I'm nit picking here, why is it Iraqi [A]rmy, but Iraq forces instead of Iraqi forces?

Sometimes I relish an honest display of my ignorance.

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Just Not Right

Even in nature there are fuck ups

Something to clear your mind of the last image. It will be the last Jonco for a while.


Just Not Right

(via Jonco)


Will the South Embrace Progressive Leaders?

This is a riff on a post by Jill at Thoughts of an Average Woman from whom I took the title. *

To begin with, I don’t run in the same circles as Bush and his gang of henchmen and henchwomen (?). Most of the people from the South I’ve met aren’t the ones getting the tax breaks Bush gives the wealthy. They are hard working, honest, reliable, practical, stoic, patriotic and disciplined people.

These people can relate to progressive ideas with a few exceptions, a couple of which I’ll discuss later.

These people want work. They don’t want handouts from government, but do appreciate unemployment compensation when they lose their jobs through no fault of their own and need to get by until they can find new work.

These people are perfectly willing if not happily willing to help out their neighbors in time of need, but they want the government to step in when things like Katrina and Rita happen. They want government to support the American people.

These people don’t begrudge oil companies’ making a decent profit because they provide jobs, but they don’t accept oil companies’ making obscene profits beyond what’s necessary to grow the company and provide more jobs. Big oil is one business model they can endorse because they see it can work.

These people do or would like to work in a union. They don’t like being peons for some big corporation anymore than you or I would like it.

These people respect the land, their coastlines and oceans. So they aren’t for indiscriminate drilling in environmentally sensitive areas. And they don’t support denuding old growth forests and national forests, many of which provide recreational opportunities.

These people live within their means whenever possible and believe government should too.

These people are family people. They aren’t in favor of mortgaging their children’s future to pay for things now. If they farm, they don’t sell the farm to buy a new pick-up truck.

These people don’t favor sweet subsidies for the giant agro-businesses while the little guy is going under and losing the farm. And they look on offloading jobs to other countries as disdainfully as does the rest of the country.

These people don’t clip coupons or invest huge amounts in stocks and bonds. They work for their money and believe others should too. Congress’s old 2-3 half-day work weeks really grated on them.

These people don’t want anyone prying into their affairs and that goes especially for the government.

These people want universal health care. They don’t like losing health care because they are temporarily out of work or between jobs, many of which provide no health care anyway.

These people want transferable retirement accounts so they don’t have to start all over if they change jobs.

These people are honest and don’t like being lied to and cheated by their government.

These people are practical. Now here’s where it gets a little dodgy. They aren’t for big business in general, but Wal-Mart provides many jobs. They aren’t particularly good paying jobs, but its honest work. And Wal-Mart offers low prices. Being practical, they can overlook some of the sins of the Walton family (Southerners) to keep those jobs and prices.

These people do have things they care strongly about which don’t quite jibe with the progressive agenda. These are items the progressive leadership doesn’t need to abandon, but they do need to be less than aggressive on them.

These people are not supportive of abortion. Yes, many do favor abortion because they’ve seen the need for it among their own family members or friends. But they aren’t too keen on what could be viewed as abortion on demand.

These people don’t look favorably on strict gun control. Reasonable gun control doesn’t disturb them. I’ve never known a Southerner who went dear hunting with an assault rifle. And a waiting period before taking possession of a firearm isn’t an issue.

These people have almost every reason to support the progressive leadership because its in their best interests. So to answer the question in the title, will they? Not sure, but they should.

* Let me be clear here. This is all based on my experience hence the lack of links to statistics and polls.

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I spoke too soon

So if I just disappear again for a few hours, you'll know why.

Until I find an RSS reader I like as much as Bloglines, I'm very dependent on Bloglines for my info.

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Things back to normal?

After getting the above and being inundated with various other niggling problems, it seems things may be back to normal. We shall see if so and for how long.

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